The Final Four Technology Solutions You’ll Ever Need

The madness is upon us, and we’ve narrowed the field to four teams: Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky and Wisconsin. On this final day of March, CXtec wanted to take a minute to congratulate the Final Four teams and their dedicated fans. It’s an amazing accomplishment to reach this goal as well as an incredible feeling for a fan.

CXtec is located in Syracuse, NY so naturally we’re die-hard Orange fans. We understand that feeling of pride and eager anticipation when your favorite team is in the Final Four.

Since our team didn’t make it this year (don’t worry, we’ll be back next year!), we had some time to think about what exactly it is that we do to help our customers achieve their technology goals. We came up with our own Final Four most essential solutions that we offer.

When working with CXtec, there are four key strategies we use to help you get the technology your organization needs without breaking your budget.

Quality pre-owned equipment for less

Finding the right combination of quality and price when you acquire pre-owned hardware is always a challenge. Some vendors may offer it cheap but you can’t always rely on it. Others charge so much for their process you barely get any savings over list.

That’s why we’ve made it our goal to offer the ideal combination for our customers. Our equal2new® certified, pre-owned equipment features a 99.51% reliability rating, significantly below list price.

We use a rigorous testing and refurbishing process that delivers hardware of the highest quality, then we back it with a lifetime warranty. It’s our way of assuring that our customers get technology that will work for them, at a price that will work with their budgets.

We’ll buy your used networking hardware

The best way to extend the value of your hardware investment is to get money back on the equipment you’ve already purchased. We work with all our customers to buy their used network equipment to help them recoup value and get maximum return on investment.

The kicker is that we pay the highest market value for it, so our customers get the best deal. We offer cash, credit or trade to ensure we handle any payment method they prefer. Our buy-back program is a great way to help customers get more for less - something that’s being asked of everyone we work with these days.

Industry-leading cabling solutions

CXtec’s CABLExpress® division manufactures high-performance data center cabling and hardware solutions. Basically that’s a fancy way of saying we provide all the cabling your hardware requires - and it’s some of the best cabling in the business!

We’re a one-stop shop. Every piece of hardware you purchase will require cables; that’s just a simple fact. When you work with CXtec, you get both. Our equal2new equipment provides dependable quality, while our CABLExpress cabling ensures you get industry-leading connectivity to go along with it.

A maintenance program you can rely on

Hardware replacement programs are a pivotal way to get the peace of mind of knowing your infrastructure is protected. If anything should go wrong with your devices, you want to know you’ll get replacement technology in a hurry.

CXtec has you covered. Our RapidCare® maintenance program provides next business day replacement of your hardware. It’s the kind of option that allows you to protect your mission-critical assets to the fullest. And with RapidCare you can save as much as 50% over traditional OEM maintenance programs. There’s nothing better than saving money while getting to sleep soundly at night knowing your investments are safe.

Enjoy the Final Four!

We hope you’ll enjoy the excitement of the Final Four. Before the games begin though, check out how CXtec’s four solutions can help you extend your technology budget and get the most value out of your infrastructure.