Green Network: Environmental Benefits of Buying Refurbished Switches

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Mar 4, 2024 2:04:47 AM

In today’s digital age, smooth network connectivity is the cornerstone of successful operations. Paired with sustainability...

In today’s digital age, smooth network connectivity is the cornerstone of successful operations. Paired with sustainability emerging as a core value in organizational strategy makes for an eco-conscious responsibility to mitigate the carbon footprint and build responsible operations.

Refurbished switches offer a promising solution to growing environmental concerns associated with networking equipment. Explore the benefits of choosing refurbished switches over new ones, focusing on used Cisco switches.

Understand Environmental Impact of Networking Equipment

The tech industry is a significant contributor to electronic waste (e-waste) with obsolete devices piling up at an alarming rate.  Only about 17.4 percent of e-waste is responsibly collected and recycled.

The causes of e-waste include:

  • Technological Advancements: Fast-paced tech innovation leads to frequent updates and upgrades. This most often renders older models becoming obsolete quickly.
  • Lack of Awareness: Many consumers are unaware of the environmental impact of e-waste or how to dispose off electronics responsibly.
  • Shorter Product Lifespans: Built-in obsolescence of tech products means they are not designed to last, which leads to more frequent replacement and disposal.
  • Complex Disposal Requirements: Electronics contain hazardous materials that require special handling for disposal, making it more challenging to manage e-waste.
  • Globalization: Transboundary movement to countries with less stringent environmental regulations exacerbates the problem of e-waste.

Only about 78 countries have any form of regulation for e-waste management. The result is that new networking equipment generates a substantial carbon footprint, from resource extraction to manufacturing processes. Discarded tech products often end up in landfills, posing environmental hazards and wasting valuable materials that could be recycled or reused.

The need is apparent. Organizations must implement a sustainable solution for their networking needs to balance profitability with environmental responsibility.

Choose Refurbished Switches as Sustainable Alternative

Refurbished switches are restored to their original working condition and a worthwhile option for cost-efficient, green operations. Refurbished switches are a step toward environmental sustainability and strategic move for enterprises wanting to strengthen operations.

Significantly reducing e-waste and its associated environmental impact is underscored by the circular economy model that emphasizes the reuse and recycling of products.

Environmental benefits of using refurbished switches include:

  • E-Waste Reduction: Landfills are the end-of-life (EoL) destination for many devices. By opting for used switches, companies can significantly decrease the amount of tech waste.
  • Energy Savings in Manufacturing Process: The environmental toll of new hardware production, like new switches, consumes vast amounts of energy and resources, contributing to environmental degradation. This can lower carbon emissions in the process.
  • Conservation of Resources: Sustainable use of raw materials allows companies to responsibly use resources and preserve them for the future. Refurbished switches make better use of existing materials, reducing the need for new raw materials. This approach also helps conserve scarcely available resources. Cost Savings : Opting for refurbished switches not only benefits the environment but offers cost savings for consumers and businesses.

Refurbished switches align with the global movement toward sustainability, offering significant environmental benefits while providing economic advantages. As the networking industry continues to evolve, the use of refurbished switches will play a crucial role in shaping a greener future.

Embrace the CXtec Advantage

At CXtec, we are dedicated to helping companies all over the globe make the most of their sustainability goals with high-quality, reliable networking hardware. With equal2new®, CXtec helps you find good-as-new hardware coupled with impeccable customer service that takes care of your IT objectives seamlessly.

Choose from our selected used Cisco switches that have been integrated across enterprises worldwide for the following reasons:

  • Refurbished Collection of Cisco Switches: Choose from a vast range of renewed Cisco switches, right from the Cisco 2960X, 3850, 3750X and more, all designed to deliver peak performance. Opt for dependable, economical, and environmentally friendly switches that meet your network needs.
  • Cost Savings: Make the most of affordable pricing and save up to 70 percent off original manufacturer’s prices.
  • Advanced Replacement and Lifetime Warranty: With equal2new, you can buy refurbished Cisco switches with an advanced replacement service, keeping your network agile and efficient through the year. Also, with a lifetime warranty on your product, you can be sure that your network operations are safe.
  • Reliability Rating: With our 99.51 percent reliability rating and positive customer reviews. equal2new can match or even exceed the performance and reliability of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) hardware.
  • Testing Process: Each equal2new Cisco device undergoes a thorough and precise testing regimen, ensuring unmatched accuracy. 

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