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Your guide to making smart, informed decisions with your technology infrastructure.

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You should be able to make decisions about your technology as an IT expert. Our CXtec engineers offer pre- and post-sales support to help you make the best decisions possible about your current and future investments with a multitude of instructional materials. We understand how busy you are keeping things going, so let us assist you with the ever-increasing learning curve. You can select what's ideal for your individual business goals and IT infrastructures with these resources at your fingertips.



CXtec provides complete IT life cycle management. Our goal is to help you maximize value at every stage of your technology investment. These helpful guides help you make smart, informed decisions with your technology infrastructure. Look no further than CXtec when it comes time to Redefine IT Strategy™.

IT Hardware Life Cycle Management Guide


Recovering Value Throughout the IT Life Cycle


This guide will help you learn the following:


  • Infrastructure: Maximize ROI with a blend of new and pre-owned
  • Services: Expertise from install to retirement
  • Maintenance: Flexible, low-cost alternatives
  • IT Asset Disposition: Protect peace of mind, recover maximum value





Find our wealth of great industry insights, resources, and expertise to guide you through any layer one and beyond solution.



Find out how our expertise helps you redefine your IT strategy.









Our infographics give a quick overview of our offerings and solutions including professional services to keep your infrastructure performing at its best. Take a look!

5 Key Steps Involved in Enterprise Server Management

This infographic illustrates crucial steps that enterprises can take for effective server management. It highlights how CXtec can help companies maximize se




Understanding the Difference: Managed VS Unmanaged Switches

Choosing the right switch for your IT infrastructure can help improve your network in certain ways. Let’s understand the key differences between managed and unmanaged switches to make an informed decision.


Choosing the Right Type of Refurbished Switches For Your Business

Top quality networking gear is the foundation of smooth organizational operations and switches are the backbone of a network. Choose the right type of switch for your network and leverage benefits from refurbished network switches with CXtec.

5 Tips to Extend the Useful Life of Your Server Hardware

Enterprise servers process and manage vast volumes of data every day. Hence, regular server maintenance is vital for companies to ensure an extended lifespan and uninterrupted operations. Check out five powerful ways to boost the useful life of your servers.

5 Key Benefits of Refurbished IT Hardware Procurement

The infographic illustrates the five significant benefits of investing in refurbished IT hardware procurement. It also highlights how CXtec can help you unlock both hardware performance and value via certified, cost-effective, and certified pre-owned IT equipment.


4 Ways ITAD can contribute to your sustainability goals

As organizations turn to corporate sustainability, building a sustainable IT infrastructure and conducting responsible waste management becomes crucial. Check out four top ways responsible IT asset disposition (ITAD) can help you achieve sustainability across your business.


Why Third-party Maintenance with CXtec is a Smart Move

While OEM support can be useful for mission-critical core technologies, it is not essential for every piece of equipment you own. Third-party maintenance is excellent for edge equipment and is a spares program that keeps your organization up and running in case of an equipment failure.

How to Effectively Combat Network Equipment Shortage

With growing lead times, enterprises need to think beyond OEM to fulfill their hardware requirements to ensure the smooth functioning of their business operations. Here’s how they can effectively combat the equipment shortage.



5 Key Reasons Organizations Need a Periodic IT Hardware Refresh

If your IT equipment can't support the changes and has become outdated, your organization needs a quick hardware refresh. Check out 5 key reasons why a periodic IT hardware refresh is crucial.




The Hidden Dangers of

E-waste is an ever-increasing problem worldwide. Many electronics devices are designed with short life spans. Once an electronic item has reached its end of use, what happens? While some electronics are recycled, many are discarded in landfills. So, how do we fix our e-waste problem long-term?



5 Signs You Need a Third-party Maintenance Provider

Third-party maintenance providers may accomplish so much with so little compared to your typical OEM. You may complement your IT team, save money, and most importantly, continue to receive support for your devices after they reach their EOSL date. This infographic details out how and when you should transition to a reliable third party maintenance provider.


Five Common Challenges of Running End-of-Life (EOL) Hardware

Outdated hardware leads to multiple points of failure across the IT infrastructure. This infographic outlines the top common challenges businesses face when operating end-of-life (EOL) IT hardware. Learn how to move beyond those roadblocks and streamline your IT processes with high-quality, reliable, and certified hardware maintenance solutions.

Debunking common misconceptions when buying hardware and network maintenance services

This infographic debunks some common myths that might instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) among organizations while switching from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) to ensure efficient and seamless support for IT assets and network equipment.

What should you do when your OEM warranty expires

Know what to do when OEM hardware reaches the end of its manufacturer's warranty. This infographic outlines some options for organizations on how to move forward. Here's your guide to post-warranty data center hardware maintenance with common considerations for each one.




5 things to watch out for when buying refurbished IT hardware for your organization

The infographic illustrates the things you should consider while buying authentic, cost-effective, and high-quality refurbished IT hardware for your office or data center.





Essential components of a server maintenance plan

Take a look at the importance of a server maintenance plan and how server data verification, system checks, hardware checks and security monitoring can help you streline your IT processes.




The infographic specifies how refurbished servers help IT businesses to cut operating costs without compromising performance and quality and attain their sustainability goals through a more environmentally viable option.

How to derive maximum value from your retired IT asset

This infographic illustrates the best Practices to maximize your IT asset recovery, run inventory audits and get the fair market rate. And also delves into how to maintain accurate records, dispose unwanted IT assets securely.

Understand the value of planned network maintenance

The infographic lists down importance of planned network maintenance.





Things to consider while decommissioning technology hardware

Here are the things to watch out for for IT hardware decommisioning and understand the importance of resposible IT asset disposition.



5 ways organizations can safeguard IT hardware

Understand the common security threats that can affect your enterprise and how you can mitigate those risks with the help of the right partner.





The infographic illustrates some common myths that surround refurbished servers with resounding facts and statistics that point at numerous advantages.

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