Breaking down the Dell PowerEdge R-Series: Features and functions of R630, R640, R730, R740

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Mar 29, 2024 2:22:21 AM

Dell's PowerEdge R-series servers blend power and continuous performance, perfectly fitting the dynamic requirements of modern...

Dell's PowerEdge R-series servers blend power and continuous performance, perfectly fitting the dynamic requirements of modern data centers. They provide an adaptable solution that can accommodate changing needs with little trouble. The series is known for its exceptional reliability — designed to manage heavy workloads seamlessly without compromising efficiency or speed.

These machines facilitate faster progress in AI-related fields while simplifying tasks typically handled by IT administrators. The PowerEdge R-series ensures your technology systems operate smoothly, enabling you to remain competitive and at the forefront of technological advancements.

Key features and advancements: R630, R640, R730, R740


Dell’s PowerEdge R630 is a robust 1U server similar to what 2U counterparts achieve. Made for demanding IT settings, it handles virtual setups, notable apps and substantial database workloads smoothly — it has room for 24 sticks of DDR4 RAM. It runs on cutting-edge Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v4 chips. The all-flash feature is also available, significantly speeding up databases - this impresses people who handle these systems. With the R630, you get robust power coupled with savings, plus fresh ideas.


Outshining Dell’s R630 is the R640, which prevails in the 1U rack server space. It boasts vital enhancements to fulfill modern tech needs and is best equipped for tasks that demand rapid access to data — think intense computation or software-based storage. Cloud use and virtualization? The R640 excels, offering unprecedented efficiency and expansion possibilities. You will find options for persistent memory (PMem; up to 24 DIMMs fit inside. Security on the R640 isn't overlooked either. Configuration lock-down and system erasure guard against unwelcome alterations or breaches of your data. 


The Dell PowerEdge R730 with Intel Xeon E5-2600 CPUs is a versatile 2U rack server designed for big businesses' toughest jobs. Ideal uses range from virtual setups to eCommerce platforms, even heavy-duty computing tasks. Processing strength plus memory capacity that peaks at 24 DDR4 DIMMs makes for vast flexibility. When it comes to database management, corporate analytics or managing large data stores, the R730 proves beyond capable. It hosts up to an immense 64TB via its 3.5" drives. Adept at boosting app performance through dual RAID setups and fitting up to 16 swift SAS hard drives (12Gbps), this powerhouse adjusts easily with 7 PCIe slots plus GPU support — ideal for custom apps in simulated environments, all while being mindful of energy spending because of its design focused on efficient power use.


The Dell PowerEdge R740 marks a jump forward in server tech. This 2U, dual-socket server tackles high-load tasks with ease — think cloud-based apps, VDI deployments, HPC and everything-as-a-service. This powerhouse boasts 3TB of RAM plus massive storage for rapid data retrieval. Choose from up to 16 2.5-inch SSDs or M.2 NVMe drives.

Choosing the right server for your business needs

Opt for the R740 if you seek AI ventures; it shines thanks to its custom graphics processing unit (GPU) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) selections aimed at boosting workload performance — a direct result of harnessing potent 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable CPUs combined with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory (DCPMM). Hunting for that ideal server? Match your company’s growth trajectory and task list to find your best fit. 

Smaller but powerful models, like R630 and R640, perform well in virtual environments and heavy workload situations. The R640 model offers more storage flexibility for different applications. 

An R730 is a good fit for tasks that require a lot of data because it has plenty of memory and storage space. This suits busy eCommerce sites or large data warehouses perfectly.

For those keen on future-proof IT upgrades, the robust accelerator cards within an R740 are hard to ignore (especially when AI is in play). Careful comparison lets you pinpoint a server that not only meets modern demands but in the future, too. Evaluate each model's perks against what lies ahead for your enterprise.

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