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Your Partner to Invest in Used/Refurbished CISCO Hardware

Get CISCO hardware at a fraction of the cost without compromising on performance.

Buy Top Quality Used Cisco Equipment with the Support You Need


CXtec is the world’s premier provider of refurbished Cisco equipment.


Our exclusive equal2new® brand of certified pre-owned Cisco equipment allows our customers to take advantage of all the benefits of purchasing refurbished Cisco hardware along with all of the peace of mind they expect from purchasing new.


Our Cisco-certified refurbished equipment is as reliable as new OEM equipment or better.

Why Choose Refurbished CISCO Hardware with CXtec?


CXtec creates world-class brands of hardware, maintenance, and support alternatives allowing our customers to maximize their technology life cycle.

Huge savings - up to 90% off list prices

When you choose equal2new®, you will save 40% to 90% compared to manufacturer list prices - freeing up more IT budget.


The best lifetime warranty as a standard business practice
On top of huge savings, you also get the peace of mind of a product backed by an amazing warranty.

Advance replacement throughout your lifetime
Your equal2new® lifetime warranty includes advance replacement. This helps you maintain your network and address any issues promptly.

99.51% out-of-the-box reliability rating - equal to or better than new!
Over 20 years of happy customers can attest to the performance and reliability of equal2new® equipment. Our reliability is equal to or better than out-of-box new hardware.

Industry-leading testing and certification process
We test each unit rigorously to meet the standard of equal2new®. This ensures consistently high quality and performance for our customers.



Our CISCO Product Offerings



Refurbished CISCO Switches

Now that Cisco has introduced the Nexus line and is driving customers to adopt it, you could use a partner with the expertise to continue to support the Catalyst switching solutions you rely on. CXtec is that partner. We have the refurbished Cisco switches you need.


Refurbished CISCO UCS Servers

Take storage and networking to the next level. CXtec has the expertise to provide the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blade servers that deliver versatility and unmatched storage to help you manage IT infrastructures at any scale. CXtec offers equal2new® fully configured Cisco UCS solutions – complete with a lifetime warranty with advance replacement.


CISCO Compatible Optics/ SFP Modules

SFP and GBIC costs can add up over time. Our Cisco compatible SFP modules are the perfect way to save big on your transceiver costs. They contain the same optoelectronics and are supplied by the same distributors. The only difference is the label!


Refurbished CISCO Phones

CISCO Business phones come with many features. We can assist you in finding the ideal used Cisco phones with the ideal level of functionality for your business needs.


Refurbished CISCO Routers

We carry a wide range of Cisco routers, all equal2new® and offering the best value in the industry. Look no further for used Cisco routers, including the 800, 1800, 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800, 3900, 7200, and more.


Refurbished CISCO Wireless

You rely on the quality of Cisco wireless solutions, but how do you get the highest quality Cisco wireless hardware without blowing up your budget? Step up to the best! Get equal2new refurbished Cisco wireless equipment.

Our CISCO Service Offerings



CISCO Maintenance

CXtec offers a quality maintenance and support solution that keeps your spending to a minimum and allows you to deliver quality in every investment you make. Using a third-party maintenance solution (TPM) is a strategic and well-established way to lower OPEX costs while still getting the quality coverage you need. RapidCare® program is the solution that offers you everything the competitors don’t and more.


Counterfeit Abatement Process

The technicians who perform our equal2new® certification process are highly trained and know how to spot counterfeit Cisco products. We take a solemn stance on the issue of authenticity assurance and have established a counterfeit abatement program that includes numerous protective measures.

Complete CISCO Lifecycle Management


Get CISCO Certified Hardware, Services, and Solutions at the Fraction of the Cost


With Cisco being the popular choice for network hardware among IT professionals for several years, the maintenance solution has traditionally been to go with the OEM options.

However, you do have very good choices outside of Cisco SmartNet for your Cisco switches and other hardware. In fact, CXtec has right-sized maintenance solutions for your Cisco gear based on your specific goals and criteria.

Let our CISCO solutions put you back on the driver seat.




Is CXtec an authorized reseller of CISCO equipment?

CXtec is the world's leading provider of used Cisco equipment, but we give much more. Our proprietary equal2new® brand of certified pre-owned Cisco gear provides our clients with all of the benefits of purchasing refurbished Cisco hardware and the peace of mind that comes with purchasing new. Our Cisco equipment is as reliable as or better than new OEM equipment.

How much cost savings do I get buying CISCO equipment from CXtec?

When you choose equal2new, you will save 40% to 90% compared to manufacturer list prices, freeing up more of your IT budget.

Do I get any warranty on the CISCO equipment I buy from CXtec?

A top-end lifetime guarantee is a standard business practice with us. So, in addition to huge savings, you can also rest assured with a product backed by an incredible warranty. You get an advance replacement throughout your lifetime— your equal2new® lifetime warranty includes advance replacement. This allows you to keep your network running smoothly and address any issues on time.

How do I know my CISCO product quality for certain?

We rely on an unrivaled testing and certification process in the industry. Each piece of equipment is thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the equal2new® standard. This ensures that our customers receive consistently great quality and performance.

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