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Being at the forefront of North America's secondary market for network hardware, our robust industry experience enables us to offer pre-owned Avaya equipment with best-in-class quality. You can count on us for top-tier communication solutions for your business every step of the way!

Our Refurbished Avaya IP Phone Offerings


Delve into our collection of refurbished Avaya IP phones! Used Avaya phones from CXtec are the premier choice for businesses looking for reliable and cost-effective communication solutions. All our refurbished phones are tested and verified by inhouse experts and covered by a lifetime warranty with advance replacement through equal2new®.


Avaya 9608, 9608G, 9611G, 9640G, 9641G, 9641GS, and 9670 IP Phones are a part of the Avaya 9600 series. These are desk phones purpose-built to ensure efficient business communications. These IP phones elevate productivity through advanced collaboration tools such as conference calls and instant messaging. With user-friendly features like touch screens and instant access to calendars, these phones streamline your workflow. Note that the 9600 series ensures a dependable, scalable infrastructure with SIP and improves performance with Gigabit Ethernet support. Besides this, these phones are eco-conscious.

Avaya IP Phones 9600 SERIES
Avaya IP Phones J Series


The Avaya J series phones (J139, J159, J169, J179) are desk IP phones designed for efficient business communication. These phones deliver features like high-quality voice, programmable buttons, color display, and compatibility with Avaya communication systems.


The Avaya 1608 and 1616 phones are a part of the Avaya 1600 series desk phones, designed to facilitate seamless business communication. The Avaya 1608 is a mid-range IP phone featuring a larger display and additional programmable buttons for enhanced productivity. The Avaya 1616 is an advanced model with a larger display, expanded programmable buttons, and support for higher call volumes.

Avaya IP Phones 1600 Series
Avaya IP Phones 2400 Series


These include paperless button labeling, local call log and speed dial directories and streamlined styling consistent with Avaya IP telephones. There are currently three models in the 2400 series: the entry-level 2402 Digital Telephone, the mid-level 2410 Digital Telephone, and the high-performance 2420 Digital Telephone.


The Avaya 9400 Series Digital Desk phones facilitate seamless communication solutions catering to an organization's diverse user needs. These phones are versatile and can integrate in mixed digital/IP telephony setups, making them the perfect option for companies seeking to expand their digital endpoints. The 9400 series comprises two distinct models: the 9404 and the 9408.

Avaya IP Phones 9400 Series
Avaya IP Phones 6400 Series


The Avaya 6400 Series Digital Voice Telephones, which includes models such as the 6408D+, 6416D+, and 6424D+, offer a harmonious combination of essential features for effective business communication. These phones are equipped with LCD display, speakerphone functionality, and customisable keys, all working seamlessly to enhance communication efficiency and productivity.


The 1400 Series Digital Deskphones, which include models 1403, 1408, and 1416, seamlessly blend classic telephone functionalities such as dual LED indicators and dedicated feature buttons with modern innovations like soft keys to cater to temporary workstations, office common areas, etc.

Avaya IP Phones 1400 Series
Avaya IP Phones 6200 Series


Avaya 6200 Series (6210, 6211, 6221) Analog Telephones deliver vital features such as call holding, message waiting, redial, and effortless integration with communication systems at budget-friendly prices, ensuring efficient business communication.


The Avaya 8100 Series Telephones are ideal for business environments where a full-scale telephone system is optional and cost-effective. However, they excel in meeting the demand for enhanced built-in features beyond what a standard telephone can offer.

Avaya IP Phones 8100 Series
Avaya Gateways G430, G450

GATEWAYS – G430, G450

The Avaya G430 and G450 gateways are telecommunications devices used primarily in enterprise communication systems. The G430 is a compact, cost-effective gateway suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, offering analog and digital telephony interfaces and IP routing support. On the other hand, the G450 is a more advanced and scalable gateway designed for larger enterprises, providing a more comprehensive range of interface options, including analog, digital, and IP telephony interfaces.

MM CARDS – MM717, MM716, MM711

The Avaya MM717, MM716, and MM711 modules are essential components in Avaya's communication systems, particularly in Media Gateways. The MM717 manages digital line interfaces for connecting digital telecom lines to the Avaya system. The MM716 provides analog line interfaces for integrating devices like phones, fax machines, and modems. Similarly, the MM711 is an additional analog line interface module for expanding connectivity options, enabling businesses to integrate diverse telephone lines and devices into their communication networks.

Avaya MM Cards - MM717, MM716, MM711

Advantages Of Old Avaya Phone System


Reliable & Cost Effective Avaya IP phones

Reliable & Cost Effective
Avaya is renowned for delivering exceptionally dependable, top-quality, scalable, and cost-effective products. Their IP phone systems, in particular, provide remarkable sound clarity while ensuring a top-notch communication experience.


Harnessing the potential of your enterprise IP Network, Avaya empowers you with advanced communication capabilities that seamlessly extend across your main headquarters and remote sites.



Avaya solutions allow you to access the full array of features offered by the Avaya UC platform and are also compatible with third-party UC platforms.



Key Considerations When Purchasing Old Avaya Phones


Technical Expertise & Experience

Technical Expertise & Experience

Match your hardware needs with the vendor's expertise, and check for relevant experience, client history, and grading process for a well-informed decision. Additionally, assess the machine's service records to determine repair frequency and documentation.

Warranty Period

Warranty Period

Ensure the phones are backed by a warranty and replacement service, ensuring your communication infrastructure's longevity and performance.

Industry Accreditations

Industry Accreditations

Look for ISO certifications, as they’re key to a company's service credibility. Of utmost importance is ISO 9001, which allows the acquisition, testing, configuration, sale, and distribution of refurbished hardware.

Best Aftermarket Services on Avaya Phone systems

Aftermarket Services

To maximize your investment value, ensure you get aftermarket services and expert specialists who understand your business needs and share the right solutions.

Why Choose CXtec for Pre-Owned Avaya Phones?


We ensure top-quality refurbished Avaya Phones, thoroughly evaluated for performance and backed by 24/7 support, to offer unmatched value for businesses seeking the best communication solutions.


You can unlock incredible savings with old Avaya phone models with equal2new - ranging from 40% to 70% compared to manufacturer list prices.


Simplify inventory tracking, configuration, and integration of pre-owned Avaya devices into your network using scannable MAC addresses.


Trust our dependable firmware upgrades for optimal functionality, providing quality communication with the latest features.


We maintain an extensive inventory of readily available products, enabling businesses to optimize their infrastructure without prolonged procurement timelines.

Buy Used Avaya Phones and Level Up Your Communication Infrastructure

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Buy Used Avaya Phones and Level Up Your Communication Infrastructure