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Best Quality Replacement Parts combined with Best Quality Service


That's why we call it RapidCare! It's quick and simple to use. We understand that you don't want to make a big deal about maintaining your gear. You just want to establish a reliable service provider that will be your go-to when you need it.


That’s why you need RapidCare!


Our priority is service quality, not size. After all, if the service outcome is what counts, it’s now time for you to consider a better alternative to OEM maintenance.

Here’s what you get with RapidCare


RapidCare is an industry-leading service. Our depth of experience and unmatched capabilities in the secondary market make CXtec the leader in aftermarket care. We cover all the hardware that we sell, servers, switches, phones and more!

Get the SLA that works best for your needs


Single, easy-to-manage contract across brands, devices, and functions

Align OPEX spend with business requirements


Keep a limited or reduced SLA on a device not ready for retirement but not high on the priority list

Put off unnecessary hardware refreshes driven by ever-increasing OEM maintenance costs

Buyer-friendly termination policies, easy-to-add devices to coverage mid-term


Invest in your Independence with an alternative to OEM Maintenance


CXtec is committed to providing you with a more efficient method of dealing with hardware support. With our RapidCare service, you get a maintenance package that focuses on exceptional service and high-quality replacement parts from a secondary hardware market leader. The same great processes that drive our equal2new® certified pre-owned hardware brand also power our RapidCare maintenance service, assuring you quality replacement parts that will work when you get them. We also use "quick-to-field" dispatch to ensure that your break/fix ticket is in the hands of a field technician much faster than the process-heavy OEM programs. RapidCare is the solution that reduces your service consumption complexity and costs much less. Whether you're covering new or pre-owned equipment, using RapidCare TPM services is a smart way to Redefine IT strategy.

Flexible Alternative to OEM Support

The flexible alternative to OEM support

Costs Significantly Less than OEM Support

Costs significantly less than OEM support


Solution that Keeps Your Needs in Mind

The solution that keeps your needs in mind


Rapidcare Service Levels


  • Remote collaborative break/fix expert technical support 8AM-5PM (M-F)
  • High-quality tested next business day advance replacement parts
  • Next business day on-site field tech



  • Remote collaborative break/fix expert technical support 365 days a year around the clock
  • High-quality tested next business day advance replacement parts
  • Next business day on-site field tech


  • Remote collaborative break/fix expert technical support 365 days a year around the clock
  • High-quality tested advance replacement parts
  • 4-hour on-site field tech and/or 4-hour advance replacement parts*

Here’s how RapidCare stacks up to OEM support:


Brand Features CXtec OEM
Support Offerings Rapidcare Manufacturer Support
Multiple Service Level Options
24x7 Support Option
Hardware Replacement
On-site Engineers
Online Ticketing Convenience
Bug Fixes/Patches  
OS Updates  


So you see, you're not really getting all that much more from OEM support than you can get from RapidCare.

So why pay such a premium price for so few additional services?

Frequently Asked Questions


Does refurbished hardware have compromised performance, power, or life?

Refurbishers/remanufacturers ensure that all issues are fixed; thoroughly tested; and certified before they are brought into the market. Almost all brands make sure that their refurbished devices deliver the same or similar performance compared to new devices. In many cases, refurbished products undergo more stringent tests than new products - meaning refurbishers do not compromise on their quality and reliability; and guarantee their performance.

What is Third-Party Maintenance in the Data Center?

Hardware support for server, storage, and network equipment is provided through third-party maintenance (TPM). Third-party maintenance is an alternative to typical OEM warranty and post-warranty service. In place of OEM service, you might hire a third-party maintenance provider to support your IBM, Dell EMC, HPE, or Cisco equipment in your data center.

Do you just source your hardware supply or spare computer parts?

We have an entire inventory of hardware, storage, data center stock of refurbished solutions from a wide range of renowned brand names. We also hold over 20,000 spare computer parts, so it's likely we'll have the part you need. If we don't have the spare, we will be able to source it from our extensive contacts in the industry.

Is TPM better than OEM?

Choosing whether to stick with an OEM, convert to a TPM, or use a hybrid strategy is critical. Working with the right partner ensures that you collaborate with a high-quality provider to help you leverage superior service, extended life equipment, multi-vendor support, customizable service agreements, and reduced costs.

Does refurbished hardware not carry a warranty?

On the contrary—manufacturers and authorized dealers commonly guarantee their refurbished products in writing. For example, CXtec offers a product warranty upon purchase of a refurbished product. Customers can further protect their refurbished items with an extended warranty. The warranty guarantees free replacement of your item in case of a failure with the warranty period.

Why should I buy refurbished hardware?

Refurbished hardware comes cheaper than brand new models. The lower prices of these computers are often the main reasons people buy them. CXtec can offer the same hardware model at 25% to 40% less the cost. Refurbished laptops are good for the environment too. Refurbishing companies take working parts from other units instead of disposing of them.

Can RapidCare offer support for multiple OEM brands?

Choosing OEM support for your storage, server, and networking equipment is the multiplicity of support contracts. Your data center likely has multiple OEM vendors represented and keeping track of all the different maintenance contracts can quickly become tiresome. RapidCare is simply the fastest, easiest way to get the customized support you need. RapidCare is the one-stop shop for your network hardware maintenance coverage that covers all the brands you trust. Even if your network is made up of Cisco routers, HPE ProCurve switches, Nortel IP phones, and Dell EMC servers, RapidCare provides coverage for them all, under one convenient contract.

Does RapidCare allow you to easily manage a hybrid portfolio consisting or OEM, TPM and self-supported contracts?

Relying entirely on OEM support can prove to be very expensive in the long run. As the value of your equipment goes down, the cost of owning or maintaining that equipment increases. OEM hardware maintenance increases in cost over time to make the prospect of buying new hardware look more cost-effective. Get a combination of OEM, TPM, & Spares support with a cost savings of up to 50-60% with RapidCare. While OEM support can be useful for mission-critical core technologies, it is not essential for every piece of equipment you own. RapidCare third-party maintenance is excellent for edge equipment, and a spares program keeps your organization up and running in case of an equipment failure.

How do we stock our equipment and inventory with RapidCare?

No inventory space is needed for spares, and replacements will be delivered on your terms, when you need them, so maintenance is performed with absolutely minimal business impact.

Is the maintenance agreement simple to understand and manage?

Maintenance agreements can be complex documents, RapidCare is the solution that reduces your service consumption complexity and also costs much less. If you're covering new or pre-owned equipment, using RapidCare TPM services is a smart way to Redefine IT Strategy™ and save money that can be used on other high-priority needs in your infrastructure. Our experts can help you re-evaluate your network needs and growth plans and assist you with your business development plans and long-term organizational goals to help you find the correct technology migration path that is directly tied to your business objectives.

Convinced that Rapidcare is the service for you? Get in touch with our experts.