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Refurbished Routers from equal2new®


Elevate Network Speed and Consistency with Top-quality Routers

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Refurbished Routers - An Ideal Blend of Cost Savings & Reliability


Choose from a wide selection of pre-owned routers as part of our globally-renowned equal2new® program. Whether you need a flexible 800 series router or a powerful 7200 series router, we have it all at unbeatable prices. Plus, you get to enjoy complete peace of mind with our comprehensive security features and support options.

Premium Quality Assurance on Used Routers

Purchasing used routers almost always requires careful evaluation. At CXtec, we adhere to the highest standards of quality, with each unit rigorously tested to meet our benchmarks of excellence at equal2new®. Our used routers provide cost-effective, secure, and reliable solutions for your networking needs.


Why Choose Used Routers?

Trust us for the best deals on refurbished enterprise routers. Our routers allow you to consolidate multiple networks into a single IP/MPLS infrastructure, allowing for a smooth network upgrade for your organization.




Optimal speed for refurbished router


Various factors like the router channel, frequency, mode, encryption, and others can influence your network speed. Evaluating these elements can help with gauging and achieving the necessary speed for your router.

Budget friendly


Refurbished routers can range as low as $100. Your IT budget and specific demands will determine the amount you should spend on a router.

Unparalleled Scalibility


Network bandwidth plays an essential role in determining the overall capacity of a router. Most routers provide options for various configurations, allowing organizations to scale as per requirements.

Seller reputation


Research the seller's credibility and customer reviews to ensure a reliable purchase.

Data security


Depending on your security needs, you'll need a refurbished router with several firewalls and possibly a virtual private network or VPN for maximum security.

How Do We Ensure Unparalleled Quality & Performance


Initial Inspection
Each of our equal2new® routers is carefully tracked and labeled. We consider this step crucial in delivering the unmatched quality we promise.



Rigorous Testing Processes
Our routers undergo a thorough testing and refurbishing process to ensure high-performance operations and smooth device functioning.



Assured Quality Checks
Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that your hardware investment yields maximum value, delivering device performance on par with brand new equipment.


Industry-accredited Refurbishing Processes
Each router is meticulously restored at our expansive, ESD-guarded Technology Certification and Distribution Center (TCDC).

Our Selection of Used Routers


Refurbished routers from Cisco

CISCO Refurbished Routers

At the heart of superior quality is our range of renewed Cisco routers from equal2new®. Each router guarantees top-tier performance and undergoes rigorous testing for quality assurance. From the versatile 800 series to the sturdy 2800 and the powerful 7200 models, our selection covers a comprehensive range, ensuring an ideal match for your network needs.


We help you adopt the best-in-class Juniper routing solutions. Our refurbished routers are reconditioned with impeccable quality, helping you make the most of your IT infrastructure. From high-density Ethernet LAN and data center integrations to the pivotal metro Ethernet core, the performance of our routers remains consistently excellent. Drive efficient network operations with equal2new® Juniper routers.

Refurbished routers from Juniper

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Why Partner with CXtec?


Venturing into the world of network excellence? Let us be your guiding compass. Our expertise in refurbished CISCO routers is not just a matter of choice but a legacy built on unwavering trust. Merging extensive experience with rigorous testing ensures our offerings stand tall on functionality and reliability. From uniting disparate networks to championing high port-density routing, we pledge transformative solutions without breaking the bank. And with our dedicated support always on standby, seamless integration is but a call away. Dive into efficiency; choose CXtec.

Scannable MAC Addresses

Every router has uniquely identifiable and scannable MAC addresses. This ensures authenticity, seamless network integration, and the ability to manage and monitor your network hardware effectively.




Dedicated Assistance

Staying updated on new IT developments has become all the more critical. Our used routers are not just refurbished; they're enhanced for performance. With necessary firmware upgrades, we ensure your routers are compatible and compliant with newer network developments and are scalable even in the future.


Save 40% to 70% Off OEM List Prices

With CXtec, you’re investing in unmatched quality. Our premium routers help you save massively on manufacturer prices, without compromising quality.



Every electronic piece of equipment has an environmental footprint. By opting for refurbished routers, you contribute significantly to eco-friendliness, reducing electronic waste and supporting sustainable IT practices.


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