How CXtec’s Electrostatic Discharge Environment (ESD) Makes Your Network Hardware Life Safer & Easier


In fact, up to 60% of device failures are ESD related.

It only takes 100 volts of electrostatic discharge to damage technology equipment, which is not much. Consider the fact that walking across a carpet can discharge 1,500-35,000 volts, working at a workbench can create 700-6,000 volts, and unrolling packing tape can create 900-15,000 volts. These common, everyday activities happen every day at the vendors that provide your network equipment, and each puts your hardware at risk when someone simply handles the equipment. The result?

You receive hardware that’s defective right out of the box, and the problems may not show up until much later.

CXtec takes advanced protective measures to prevent ESD from damaging network equipment such as Cisco routers and switches. 

Take a walk through our Technology Certification and Distribution Center and you’ll see exactly why CXtec has put numerous safeguards in place against ESD:

  • Carbon epoxy floor coating that carries electrical charges to ground

  • Heel and wrist straps worn by technicians that are tested twice daily, plus wrist straps included for when customers take equipment out of the box

  • Insulating gloves for technicians

  • Bench grounding and work surfaces that dissipate electrical charges

  • Cart and rack grounding for surfaces that hold equipment for transport around facility

  • Non-conductive foam to protect and insulate during shipping

CXtec’s qual2new equipment is protected from the time hardware hits the loading dock, and every piece of network equipment is in an ESD-controlled area throughout the certification process. That means your network equipment arrives fully functional and free from ESD damage.