Guide to Selling Your Used Network Hardware

At CXtec, we always have great advice for you on what to look for when buying used network hardware. There are always telltale signs to look for in order to ensure you’re getting quality equipment.

But there’s another side to that coin. Once you’re ready to sell your used equipment, there are certain factors that should help guide your decision. Keep these things in mind when it’s time to sell your hardware.

Protect your sensitive information on your network hardware

When you’ve sold your hardware to a vendor, what do they do with it? That’s really the first question to ask yourself. Because regardless of how much money they give you, there could be potential repercussions down the road.

Think about it. That vendor will probably look to resell your equipment if it still has industry worth. Which is great, it extends the life cycle of the hardware. But a lot of that hardware has private information stored on it. What would happen if it fell into the wrong hands or was made public because the vendor you sold it to didn’t properly erase your info?

Seek out a vendor that can assure you that the equipment you sell them undergoes a full data cleansing and is returned to factory defaults. That’s the only way to be certain your sensitive information isn’t in danger of being leaked.

Protect your reputation

So what happens if the equipment you’re selling no longer has industry worth and is ready to be recycled? Do you know the vendor you’re working with will recycle that hardware through the proper channels? What happens if they don’t?

Unfortunately for you, if your hardware winds up improperly disposed in a landfill somewhere, you’re still legally liable. That could cost you big in legal fees, and just as important, your reputation could take a pretty bad hit.

It’s imperative that your vendor can prove that they use the proper means of recycling your equipment. They better have downstream partners that do things the right way; otherwise you’re taking a huge risk with your organization’s good name.

Shipping your network hardware isn’t cheap

If you have to pay to ship the equipment you’re selling to that vendor, it will take a huge chunk out of your profit margin. A reputable vendor will provide pre-paid shipping labels so that the expense is taken off your hands. It’s a sound business practice and it ensures you get the best return on your investment as possible.

How much is a vendor really worth if they saddle you with the expense of getting your hardware to them?

Get the maximum value for your network hardware

How can you ensure you’re getting the best price for your hardware? It’s not easy; both sides are going to try to get the best deal they can. But here’s a clue: how financially stable is the company you’re doing business with?

If the company is debt-free and has a good rating, that means the way they do business is sound and they’re able to offer maximum value for the equipment they buy. On the other hand, if they can’t prove that they’re fiscally sound, chances are they’re going to be fleecing you on price to make up the difference.

Look for a vendor that can prove their fiscal solvency. That’s just a fancy way of saying they’re not in debt or have a terrible credit rating! Then you know that the offers they make are based on true value, rather than them trying to bilk you.

Don’t look for a network hardware vendor - find a partner

It’s something we say often here at CXtec. A vendor is one thing, but finding a technology partner who’s there with you every step of the way is vital. It makes all your decisions easier. A lot rides on your asset recovery strategies. Make sure who you’re working with is reputable, and has your interests in mind as well as their own.