5 Simple Reasons You Should Be Grateful For The IT Professional

Big thanks to IT ProsLet's face it. People take the IT professional for granted. People go about their day taking for granted all of the resources IT makes possible and manages on a daily basis. Think about all that we do with information every day. We can sit down at our desk and do tons of tasks quickly and easily. Here's just a quick rundown.


  • word processing

  • spreadsheets

  • reporting

  • presentations

  • email

  • teleconferencing

  • internet and the huge list of web apps and business tools

  • customer relationship managers

  • database management

  • project management

  • image editing and design software

  • wireless networking a wide variety of devices

  • enabling work from home and remote offices






This is just a quick list. The list goes on and on.








And yes...we largely take it all for granted. We don't often think of all that needs to be done to have these services delivered to us. We don't often think about all the things that have to go right to make this happen. However, if something goes wrong there is no lack of attention then. That is the nature of the IT biz it seems.

Then again, why not take a few moments to think about some of the very simple reasons we should be thankful for the IT professional.



5 Reasons To Be Grateful For The IT Pro



  1. Our world runs on information - There was the agricultural age. Then there was the industrial age. Now, it is the information age. It's all about the application and usage of information. Think about how much every aspect of life is affected by this. Much of this is accomplished thanks to IT professionals.

  2. They make you more productive - IT professionals make you more productive without a doubt. Think it's not the case? Okay. Take your PC off your desk. Unhook yourself from the company network. Remove access to the internet. Now, do your work with a calculator, pencils, paper, graph paper, typewriter and US mail. How much work can you accomplish in a week like this?

  3. They make your life easier - This goes hand and hand with #2. You see that bulleted list above? Imagine having to operate the modern office without those things. People would be pulling their hair out.

  4. You freak when things go wrong - When the slightest thing goes wrong... ding a ling a ling! IT help line. It's freak out time. The upside to hearing users freak out is that it brings a lot of laughter and jokes to the IT world.

  5. Most people would be lost without them - If it weren't for IT professionals, most people would be up the creek without a paddle. It's just that simple.


So, take a little time to think about all that IT professionals do. Sure some of them like Star Trek, energy drinks, and bacon a little too much, but IT professionals deserve much respect.  Thanks for all you do IT professionals.

And if you are an IT professional, forward this to someone who needs reminding!