5 Great Reasons to be Thankful for IT Professionals

This Thanksgiving, as you feast on turkey and stuffing and retire to the living room to watch the big game, stop for a moment and think about all of the elements that are facilitating your home experience. Think of the data travelling at the speed of light through fiber optic tubes to your television, or the music playing over your sound system. None of this information would be possible without the work of IT professionals.

5 Great Reasons To Give Thanks for IT Professionals This Thanksgiving

The Internet

Think of the plane tickets that your relatives purchased in order to visit you, the music streaming over your speakers via over-the-top (OTT) content and the text messages coming to your smart phone. All of this information is ultimately stored and managed in servers and data centers across the world. Without the management of IT professionals, it would be impossible to get the content that you use so often.

The football game streaming to your television

As you watch the game or parade on TV, stop and think about the signals that must travel through fiber optic or copper tubing to your home. These signals must be monitored and optimized at all times. If it weren’t for the IT professional working at the other end of the operation, or the person who designed a new, faster cable transmitter, you would be stuck playing charades instead of watching Tony Romo.

Your Job

You worked hard this year to provide all of the necessary elements for a great holiday. But how would be able to complete the job that pays for it without your VoIP phone system, your email or the cloud? These days high speed, reliable communication is a must in the workplace.

Your connected home

The Internet goes far beyond entertainment in your house. Chances are your security system, your heating system and your lighting system are connected in some way to the Web. While you might not have an IT professional sitting at your table eating turkey with you, you’d better believe a good number of them will be hard at work behind the scenes making sure your living space is well connected.

Being able to stay in touch with your relatives all year long

When the holiday is over and your great aunt Violet leaves for California, you are going to want to stay in touch until you see her again. IT professionals will play an integral role in helping you stay completely connected at all times, so that you don’t have to fill her in on a year’s worth of information the next time you meet.


In our ultra-connected, high-speed environment it is easy to overlook the people who are ultimately responsible for providing the basic communications services that you need. So this Thanksgiving, raise your glass to the IT professionals that work hard to make your whole world run.