3 Smart Tactics for Education IT Professionals to Have a Productive Summer

The school year has officially ended, for both colleges and K-12 schools, and the summer is upon us. So now all IT professionals in charge of supporting education institutions are beginning their busy season.

It’s time for upgrades, new implementations, moves, adds, changes… and the potential headaches that usually go hand-in-hand with them. You’ve got from now until August to make it all happen; wouldn’t it be great to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Well, we at CXtec have worked with education IT professionals for decades and we’d like to share a few things we’ve learned about how to make the most of these short summer months.

1. Money Saved is Money Earned – This is the big no-brainer rule for everything in business, but it holds no less true for educational institutions. It makes every IT pro’s job a lot easier when they can procure the technology they need at a price that allows them to meet their stringent budgets. So how do you offset the price of the hardware you need? Trade in the hardware you already have. Look for a vendor who buys back your used equipment and allows you to put that funding toward your new equipment. You’ll save a lot on your bottom line.

2. Refurbished = Wise – Budgets are tight these days. This is especially true for those working in education. Take a good, hard look at those summer projects you have planned. Is there any place where you can work refurbished equipment into your plans, rather than forking over a whole lot of money for new hardware? Look especially at the edge of your network. That’s a great place to give refurbished hardware a shot. Then once you see you can get outstanding quality with refurbished, you’ll gain the confidence to start implementing in other areas. And that’s when you can really start saving precious budget money.

3. Green Initiatives are Here to Stay – If you think all those posters you’re seeing on the walls of your school touting recycling and saving the Earth are only a passing whim these kids are having, you’re wrong. The green movement is real and it is going to become a major priority for you, if it hasn’t already. It’s time to find a reputable vendor to handle your unwanted IT assets and e-waste. It’s imperative to work with a partner you can trust to properly recycle and dispose of your used IT equipment. Your students’ and faculty’s sensitive data must be cleansed, and your hardware absolutely cannot wind up in a landfill. Imagine the bad press and repercussions of your school’s sensitive data being released. Imagine the legal ramifications of your hardware being found in a dump. Do things the right way and get a quality recycler you can rely on.

Summertime Is Smiling Time

Follow these three simple rules and we promise you’ll have a much sunnier summer, filled with fewer budget headaches and stress. We’ve seen lots of education IT pros enact their summer projects with ease over the years, so keep us mind if you’re looking for a partner to help make your life a little easier this year.