3 Big Benefits of Leveraging Secondary Market Network Hardware

If your organization is like many others in the technology industry, your IT team is most likely feeling the constant pressure to improve performance while cutting costs. IT teams are being asked to help drive more business and improve the bottom line with fewer financial resources. In other words, that means being on top of your game, continually learning, constantly adapting, and finding solutions for your particular needs.

Over time more and more IT teams have turned to the secondary market as a valuable resource when trying to implement solutions and optimize budget spend while minimizing risk. IT pros have increasingly found that they can leverage the secondary market to reap its many benefits.

3 Big Reasons to Leverage Secondary Market Network Hardware

Financial Benefits

Purchasing quality pre-owned network hardware from a solid provider will save you a lot of money. It’s that simple. Whether you need a handful of new business phones or you want to add a chassis solution, you will see a substantial difference. 

What can you do with all the money you saved? You can achieve your objective of improving performance while cutting costs. You can use the money saved by applying it toward other projects. Some people prefer the secondary market option because it allows them to extend product lifecycles. There are several financial benefits.

Some people might say, “Sure, it’s less expensive, but is it reliable?” That’s a great question. No one wants to take on all kinds of risk just for the sake of saving money. The good news is that there is no need to take on more risk. In fact, there’s a good chance you will reduce risk.

Reliability (Yes. Reliability.)

Reliability is a top concern for IT pros and rightfully so. For instance, there are financial institutions that have compliance issues. These institutions want to ensure compliance and keep risks low.

This might come as a bit of a surprise to some, but if you work with the right secondary market hardware provider you will find the reliability ratings are very high. What would you think if you found out the reliability ratings for quality pre-owned hardware is equal to and often better than new?

For example, the reliability rating for equal2new® hardware is 99.51% or higher. To put that in perspective that would be considered a failure rate of .049%. What are the failure rates for new hardware? Some major OEMs have a failure rate of 3 – 4 %.

(Watch the video below to learn more about high quality pre-owned network hardware with a reliability rating equal to or better than new.)

How can this be? There are two primary reasons. First, most network hardware failures happen with new hardware right out of the box within the first thirty days.  Second, quality secondary market providers in the industry use a set of high standards for testing. This doesn’t mean just spot-checking one of one hundred units.

If you’re looking for a provider that takes reliability seriously, make sure they have processes in place to ensure each piece of equipment is top quality. For example, every single unit of equal2new hardware goes through a rigorous testing process before earning its seal of approval and comes with lifetime warranty with lifetime advanced replacement.

Financial Stability of Dedicated Secondary Market Hardware Providers

One common misperception about the secondary market is that there is more risk. Sometimes people will assume the secondary market is not as financially stable. The secondary network hardware market is really no different than other markets. If one takes the time they can find a company to work with that has withstood the test of time and has excellent financial stability.

Passing the test of time while remaining financially stable is a testament to doing business responsibly. Furthermore, it demonstrates viability, sound judgment, and a commitment to customers.

A company that has a track record of financial stability over the long term allows one to have confidence that the company has operated in a reputable manner and taken good care of customers.

The Take-away

The secondary market is a highly valuable resource to IT professionals for several reasons. While some people still hold to common myths concerning the secondary market, the real-world results couldn’t dispel those myths more. Over the years more companies with the need for maximum uptime and reliability have used secondary market hardware with great success. These include hospitals and financial institutions. It’s a safe and sound investment. In fact, in the current economic environment it would not be a surprise to see more evidence from industry experts that the secondary market is a great option for all kinds of organizations. 

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