Enjoy May the 4th, Star Wars Fans!

Yes, we’re proud to admit that we’re huge Star Wars fans here at CXtec. And yes we admit we just enjoyed a weekend-long marathon of watching Chapters I-VI (in what order is a huge debate here at the office so we won’t get into it in this article).

What we will do is throw some fun Star Wars links at you to help get you in the spirit of May the 4th. Check ‘em out!

Great Star Wars Articles

Awesome Star Wars Items

A few of our favorite ThinkGeek items:

Star Wars Desktop Backgrounds

Some favorites from the amazing wallpaper designs at The Paper Wall:

Killer Star Wars Shirts

Sweet t-shirts and hoodies from Redbubble (all printed on sweatshop-free American Apparel):

A History of May the 4th

May the 4th Be With Ewe

Unseen Pics from the Set of Return of the Jedi

Have a fantastic May the 4th!

These are just a few of the many cool Star Wars links and items to discover out there. Hope you found one or two that you liked. Enjoy the special day, everybody! And remember - the Force will be with you… always.