Comparing server upgrades: Choosing between HPE ProLiant Gen9 and Gen10

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Apr 29, 2024 5:14:10 AM

Server upgrades are essential for maintaining an organization's IT infrastructure. As technology advances and business needs...

Server upgrades are essential for maintaining an organization's IT infrastructure. As technology advances and business needs evolve, IT departments must regularly assess and upgrade their servers to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with changing requirements. Server upgrades may seem straightforward, but IT teams must consider various factors, such as cost, reliability, and system compatibility.

Many IT teams prefer Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offerings in the server space. The HPE ProLiant series of servers are known for cost-to-performance ratio and flexibility across business use cases. These servers form the backbone of numerous data centers worldwide, catering to business requirements of various scales and sizes. IT teams that rely on HPE ProLiant servers often encounter a challenge when choosing between the 9th and 10th generations. To make the right choice, it is critical to understand the differences between the two generations of servers.

Overview of HPE ProLiant Servers

HPE ProLiant is considered the premier choice of servers for business use cases and decade-long best seller in the business server space. Gen9 and Gen10 DL380 models have been the popular choice. These servers are extremely reliable for businesses capable of handling complex workloads. Well into its 10th generation, HPE ProLiant offers a customizable server experience, allowing IT teams to build servers to match their business needs.

Gen 9 vs. Gen 10 HPE ProLiant Servers

Comparing specifications and features of Gen9 and Gen10 servers before deciding on which to purchase is an important step. Let’s consider some of the components of HPE ProLiant servers to understand the differences between the two generations:

Memory and CPU

Gen9 ProLiant servers can be powered by up to two Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3/v4 series chips and up to 22 cores. Gen10 HPE ProLiant servers, however, are extremely scalable and can support two Intel Xeon chips starting from 3100 up to 8100 series processors with 28 cores. Gen10 is a more flexible server for most IT teams, and they can choose different CPU options for their server processing needs.

When it comes to memory components, Gen9 supports 8 channels of DDR4 memory at 2400 Mhz, and Gen10 goes up to 12 channels of DD4 at 2666 Mhz. From a memory bandwidth perspective, Gen10 is 1.6 times faster than Gen9 at full load.

HPE ProLiant Gen9: 2400 data transfer rate * 8 channels * 8 bytes = 154 GB/sec
HPE ProLiant Gen10: 2666 data transfer rate * 12 channels * 8 bytes = 256 GB/sec 

Server storage

While both Gen9 and Gen10 HPE ProLiant servers provide excellent storage options, Gen10 massively improves overall storage performance and capabilities. Gen9 servers can support 15 Large Form Factor (LFF) or 26 Small Form Factor (SFF) drives, such as a combination of SATA, HDD or NVMe drives. One drawback of Gen9 servers is that they only support 6 NVMes at once. Gen10 servers, though, support 19 LFF and 30 SFF drives. Gen10 servers can additionally support 20 NVMe drives at once.


Both Gen9 and Gen10 HPE ProLiant servers are designed to be scalable. This expansion allows the servers to have more memory, larger hard disks and additional components. One aspect of scalability in HPE ProLiant servers is the ability to expand memory capacity. As applications become more resource-intensive and datasets grow larger, the ability to increase memory allows servers to handle more concurrent tasks and process large datasets efficiently.


Gen10 servers are a step up when it comes to security features supported by HPE's Silicon Root of Trust and run-time firmware verification. These advancements act as formidable defenses against cyber threats and malicious software. HPE server networking adapters safeguard against cyberattacks by securing data, applications and server infrastructure through firmware authentication. Gen10 ProLiant servers also prevent hardware intrusion with the help of a reinforced HPE Chassis Intrusion Detection Kit, enhancing overall system protection.

Optimize server investments with HPE ProLiant Servers from CXtec

In response to the growing demand for efficient and budget-friendly infrastructure solutions for modern technology-driven enterprises, CXtec uses more than four decades of industry expertise to offer refurbished Gen9 and Gen10 HPE ProLiant servers.

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With equal2new® we provide a range of refurbished Gen9 and Gen10 HPE ProLiant servers, meticulously inspected and restored to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we provide cost-effective solutions for businesses seeking to upgrade their infrastructure without compromising on quality.

We offer comprehensive support services to assist clients throughout the hardware lifecycle. Whether it's installation, maintenance or troubleshooting, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring the seamless operation of refurbished HPE ProLiant servers. Trust that your infrastructure needs are in our capable hands, backed by industry-leading reliability and client service.