28% of IT Managers Don't Have Enough Resources. Does Your Organization?

Doing your job without the proper essentials is not an easy task. And when the responsibility of your job entails looking after the security and efficiency of an entire organization, it gets a lot harder. As companies continue to depart from server based storage and move into virtual databases, IT leaders across the country are scrambling to make do with reduced budgets and a lack of resources.

In fact, based on a study by Cisco, 18 percent of IT managers claimed they “would rather break out of prison or train for a triathlon than ask for additional budget.”

While this might not come as a surprise, it is posing big problems. Since IT teams can’t maintain critical infrastructure, the hardware they are responsible for keeping up to date is failing. And the hardware is not the only problem.

As evidenced by ta survey done by CXtec, 28 percent of those surveyed felt that their organizations’ primary problem had to do with budgeting. This also led to a lack of staffing.

Here are some chief findings from the survey:


  • 16 percent of those surveyed opt to throw away used and unwanted IT equipment instead of re-selling.

  • 46 percent of those surveyed placed “green” IT solutions and recycling near the top of their IT priorities.

  • 64 percent of those surveyed have virtualized less than half of their data centers.


The executive survey, which was taken from various informational seminars across the U.S. throughout 2012, provides critical answers to questions such as how companies are handling data and prioritizing the needs of data centers. It also provides statistics on matters such as particular problems that are posing budget restraints to companies, such as what companies are doing with their old VoIP phones or used printers.

“We really enjoy these events because they provide an opportunity to gain valuable feedback and insight from some of the industry’s top professionals,” claimed CXtec President Peter Belyea in this press release. “By understanding the state of the industry and the challenges currently being faced by IT executives, we are able to support our customers and prepare for the future more effectively.”

So, how does your organization measure up? For a more detailed analysis you can view the survey results in its entirety here.