What Should You Do After the OEM Support for Your IT Hardware Expires

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Aug 16, 2022 7:00:02 AM

Every new device comes with a built-in warranty by OEMs for maintenance and support. Regular hardware support plays a crucial...

Every new device comes with a built-in warranty by OEMs for maintenance and support. Regular hardware support plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal hardware performance. It helps:

The warranty services by the manufacturer last for 3-4 years after the investment. Once the hardware matures, the post-warranty period begins. Companies need to pay high extra costs to get extended support from OEMs. As a result, companies are looking for other alternatives for extended warranty support. The good news is companies can choose from a variety of options. Depending on their business needs, companies can make a decision best suited for them. Let's dive into how companies can access hardware support once the OEM warranty ends.

Key Options To Choose From in the Post-Warranty Phase

Companies can get reliable hardware support even after the built-in warranty expires. Here are different options to consider:

  • Warranty renewal: Many companies choose OEMs for extended warranty. A key benefit of continuing with OEMs is their deep expertise in the hardware. Since they build and manufacture the product, they offer reliable updates. This helps ensure efficient hardware performance. Also, continuing with the extended OEM warranty saves time and effort on migration. The IT team also tends to be aware of the service standards offered. But, it's important to note a few crucial points.

OEMs charge hefty fees for extended warranty support. This can cause a dent in a company's strict IT budget. Moreover, OEMs often encourage hardware refreshes. This is because their primary profit driver is developing and selling new hardware. OEMs also pre-maturely declare hardware as end-of-life (EOL). This, in turn, prevents companies from extending the usable life of their hardware.

Unlock aftermarket maintenance service, the flexible alternative to OEM support

  • Hardware upgrade: Companies can upgrade to new hardware and replace the one with an expired warranty. Buying new hardware comes with its own set of advantages. It comes with a new warranty period. It provides the latest security updates and advanced features. The new hardware also offers enhanced performance and increased reliability. But, this alternative leads to a sharp increase in a company's CAPEX costs. Buying new hardware is also a time-consuming process. It requires vendor negotiation and resources to install new equipment. It includes complex data migration support and fresh contracts. Moreover, constant hardware upgrades increase the company's carbon footprint.
  • In-house talent: Another alternative is the do-it-yourself approach. This is an affordable alternative that reduces heavy capital expenditure. Companies can use in-house resources to ensure timely hardware maintenance. An experienced team of IT professionals is responsible for overseeing hardware support. But, it's crucial to execute this approach in an efficient manner. Teams need to have constant access to high-quality hardware replacement parts. This ensures smooth, trouble-free operations and avoids downtime.
  • Third-party maintenance (TPM): Companies can choose third-party maintenance services. This is an effective way to avail hardware support in the post-warranty phase. It's considered a cost-effective, flexible, and reliable choice. As per a report by Gartner, organizations can save 50-80% by choosing TPM support over OEM. TPM focuses on extending the usable life span of the hardware. It prevents companies from spending money on unnecessary hardware refreshes. This allows companies to gain the maximum value from their hardware. Flexible contracts and skilled professionals also ensure seamless hardware support. Moreover, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and data center waste with a sustainable TPM choice.

CXtec Advantage: Extend the Hardware Life Span With a Reliable TPM Service

Companies should choose an experienced and trustworthy vendor to get the most out of TPM. An experienced vendor with expertise in the hardware support business can provide high-quality services. This can help companies fulfill their specific IT-related goals.

CXtec is one of the reputed TPM services providers. We have 40 years of experience as hardware maintenance and management leader. We help our clients make the most of their hardware through RapidCare®, our flexible TPM solution. RapidCare aims to increase the hardware life cycle at an affordable price. Our customers benefit from:

  • 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Flexible SLAs
  • Consolidated, easy-to-manage contract
  • Buyer-friendly termination policies with easy-to-add devices support
  • Manufacturer-certified & trained on-site engineers
  • Multiple service levels: 8x5xNBD, 24x7xNBD, 24x7x4
  • Remote break/fix expert technical support 365 days a year

As part of our hardware support service, we also offer fully-tested, top-notch hardware replacement parts across different brands for mature, pre-owned, and EOL hardware. We have an online ticketing platform to assist with quick support and response times. With RapidCare by CXtec, companies can unleash the true potential of their IT hardware.