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CXtec, a global leader in IT asset lifecycle management, serves as a one-stop solution vendor for all your IT hardware needs. From buying surplus assets to selling quality refurbished technology gear to offering reliable hardware support, we deliver end-to-end hardware services, saving you valuable time and money.


We also help you stay environmentally responsible by disposing of your used equipment in a secure and compliant way. We professionally wipe data from your retired IT assets before refurbishing or recycling to prevent costly data breaches, compliance violations while reducing the carbon footprint. Our blended solutions of new and pre-owned infrastructure hardware also guarantee unmatched performance and reliability while meeting your cost expectations.



The CXtec team works relentlessly to deliver innovative, sustainable, and affordable IT and hardware services like refurbished hardware, network cabling, and third-party maintenance and support to our customers globally. Our experienced and certified teams working across multiple divisions and brands deliver these services.




Purchase world-class refurbished storage, server, networking, and voice equipment without compromising on quality and performance. Our equal2new® pre-owned IT hardware is highly reliable, affordable, and supports a lifetime warranty, so you get the best returns on your infrastructure investments.


Over the past 40 years, our equal2new® brand has grown into the industry’s most trusted pre-owned hardware brand, thanks to our innovative technology, rigid testing and quality assurance process, and affordable pricing. 


atlantix global



Atlantix Global division helps maximize the age of your technology gear by offering world-class hardware end-of-life services. As an experienced and certified ITAD expert, Atlantix Global can provide you with the right guidance and support throughout your IT asset disposition project, from asset valuation and hardware decommissioning to value recovery.


It also offers secure and compliant data sanitization services to eliminate the risk of sensitive data exposure during asset disposition.





CABLExpress® division, a global leader in the cabling infrastructure industry, delivers reliable and customized products and solutions to help you build an organized and scalable data center cabling infrastructure.


CABLExpress data center technologies and structured cabling solutions provide unmatched performance and reliability to make your layer one infrastructure ready to support the increasing bandwidth requirements of 100GbE, 400GbE, and beyond.





With over four decades of unparalleled experience in IT hardware management, CXtec delivers a wide range of high-quality and affordable pre-owned server, storage, and other networking equipment of different manufacturer brands.


These brands include Cisco, Dell, Juniper, NetApp, Avaya, HP, Jabra, Engage, Evolve, Mitel, ShoreTel, and many more.


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