RapidCare®: A Third-Party Maintenance Provider You Can Invest In

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Jul 26, 2022 9:13:37 AM

We're sure you see something about TPM (third-party maintenance) in your inbox daily. It's reasonable to believe that TPM is a...

We're sure you see something about TPM (third-party maintenance) in your inbox daily. It's reasonable to believe that TPM is a magical money-printing machine. TPM appears to offer you only "huge savings," "enormous savings," or "incredible savings."

You might not even know what the acronym TPM stands for, let alone what we're talking about. All you learn from these emails is that something the OEM sells you is expensive. A TPM vendor sells it for such a low price that it might help you print money.

Of course, we're joking but hoping to make a simple point. Many TPM vendors use a lot of hype and exaggeration. They're attempting to capture your attention by utilizing one concept. That concept is “we need to save money or spend less.” Yes, of course, we do!

A third-party maintenance partner does not use OEM resources to provide their service. Their help desk, backline technical assistance, frontline field support, and replacement parts are independent of the manufacturer. There is no automated escalation to the OEM with third-party maintenance.

Maintaining a device without close alignment to the OEM may appear risky. But it is sometimes the better option for some infrastructure hardware. OEMs are degrading their support after only three or four year use of equipment. This raises red flags for IT organizations.

What is RapidCare®?

RapidCare TPM is an industry-leading service by CXtec. We buy high-quality replacement parts and whole units from end users who no longer need them. If the items are up for grabs, we get them.

Find out how RapidCare® helps organizations save up to 70% compared to OEM extended warranties

We run them through rigorous quality checking and testing. We do not repair anything we don't have to. If something we buy from an end user doesn't work, we don't pay them for it and recycle it on their behalf.

We maintain stock in our warehouses of all popular infrastructure devices. Either for use as purchases by end users or maintenance for our RapidCare users. Our deep levels of high-quality replacement units and parts make us a leader in the industry. What's more, other providers in our sector buy parts from us.

The Strategic Value of RapidCare

This brings us to the strategic value of our RapidCare TPM. You know how it can meet your strategic intent. This involves maximizing the life cycle and return on investment for stable workhorse items. For example, access layer switches, x86 servers, backup targets, and workgroup storage arrays. You need them to work reliably for a long time. These are "set-it-and-forget-it" devices focused more on utility than performance.

You'll know which assets you can "sweat" or hang on to for a few more years. Despite all the noise and bright lights from your OEM and OEM reseller pressuring you to upgrade.

This will help you make the right decisions for your business. But not OEM's salesperson and help the OEM meet aggressive sales goals.

CXtec is an independent-of-the-OEM TPM service provider. We guide you to achieve operational goals with the greatest efficacy. By doing the right thing for your business operation and pinching pennies.

What Do You Get With RapidCare Service?

CXtec is dedicated to making dealing with hardware support more efficient for you. Our RapidCare service offers a maintenance package from a secondary hardware market leader. We focus on providing excellent service and high-quality replacement components.

Following are some good reasons why companies should partner with RapidCare from CXtec:

1. Affordable Maintenance

It may appear evident that third-party support has the potential to cut your company's maintenance spending. Companies can keep their outdated hardware while reducing total IT expenses. Compared to OEM extended warranties, RapidCare can save you up to 60% to 70%.

2. Customized and Consolidated Contracts

With our TPM services, you can enjoy customized and flexible service level agreements (SLAs). You can tailor it to your specific business and financial requirements. It keeps businesses from paying for services they don't need. You won't have to worry about interacting with many vendors. On hardware support, we will be your single point of contact. There is no need to deal with separate contracts. This practice will make the process efficient and straightforward.

3. Lightning-fast Services

RapidCare is ready to serve your data center. While OEMs are flooded with service requests and preoccupied with technical innovation. We specialize in low-cost maintenance & warranty service for current, end-of-life, and EOSL equipment. That, too, from almost all OEM-branded devices. Our resources have been committed to perfecting the support operations side of the equation. The turnaround time is pretty fast.

We have a team of professionals who provide excellent technical, on-site support on time. Our specialists have established in-depth expertise. That, too, is through rigorous, ongoing training, and real-world maintenance from many manufacturers. We adhere to the essential protocols and escalation policies. All while ensuring accountability and client satisfaction at all levels. Not to forget, we provide 24-hour support.

4. Extend the Life of Your Technology

You’re lucky enough if you own an original 1985 NES System. You know that Nintendo isn’t exactly cranking out new game cartridges for such a dated system. You have to look online for specific websites dedicated to selling vintage items. It’s places like this that allow you to extend the life of your precious gaming equipment.

The same can be said for third-party maintenance providers when it comes to extending the life of your networking equipment. Suppose you find your networking hardware on the original manufacturer’s end-of-life product list. In that case, it’s no longer available for sale or able to receive service from the manufacturer.

No need to fear; you can find new life through a third-party maintenance provider. Unlike OEMs, RapidCare can continue to support your equipment. At the same time, keep it operational if you’re not quite ready for a complete network upgrade.

5. Engineering Resources

Having fast access to high-level engineers who can diagnose and address your problem is vital. Nobody loves being bounced, and the call is transferred several times. CXtec will offer documentation outlining the ticket flow procedure. This will include from the initial call through completion, with defined SLAs. We aim to provide high-quality customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can service and maintain IT hardware from major vendors, including Dell, EMC, Cisco, Juniper, etc.

Invest In Your Independence With a Third-Party Maintenance

Saving money is something that TPM can help you do. But it's also an easy-to-understand benefit because it replaces OEM hardware maintenance.

OEM hardware maintenance is priced with graduate school economics theory behind it. It is part of a long-term strategic plan. They let you consume on the producer's timeline for extended periods. But not letting you invest at your own pace.

OEM hardware maintenance increases in cost over time. This is done to make the prospect of buying new hardware look cost-effective. The OEMs know how organizations budget and handle their finances. They know that businesses focus on replacing old equipment. It's because they need costly upgrades, and maintenance costs are high. But, the inverse is true. Still, OEMs try to convince the companies to invest in new hardware rather than repairing old equipment. Once that happens, the selling process for new hardware begins.

TPM breaks this OEM cycle in two ways. First, a TPM is not aligned with the OEM's strategic life cycle plan as a third party. The OEM's strategic life cycle plan is to publish milestone dates. This includes end of sale, end of software maintenance, end of new maintenance contract bookings, and end of life.

OEM agents and resellers must honor those dates to be OEM partners. TPMs can continue to offer hardware maintenance based on the market availability of replacement products. In most cases, it far outlasts the manufacturer's arbitrary published dates.

Second, the overselling and premature disposal of IT equipment creates a vast supply chain of high-quality, low-cost replacement parts. If end users held on to their gear a lot longer, TPM would not be economically viable.

This overselling creates a tremendous value proposition for end users. For the ones who want to hang on to their gear for much longer.

That is TPM's true "magic" - turning the consumption engine in on itself and using it to your benefit. You are consuming the thrown-away value that other users have abandoned. Those who have succumbed to the OEM master plan.

Redefine your IT strategy with RapidCare TPM services by CXtec

Companies want a TPM service vendor with documented experience in the IT hardware maintenance and support industry. They want the smooth performance of legacy hardware and to save on heavy maintenance costs. CXtec has a successful 40-year experience in the industry. We also provide world-class yet cost-effective services to our customers. RapidCare assists enterprises in developing the proper and robust maintenance strategy. The strategy meets their specific business requirements without jeopardizing hardware performance.

Customers can enjoy the benefits of our services:

  • Speedier 24x7 hardware support
  • 60% decrease in IT expenditures
  • An extended hardware lifecycle
  • Customized contracts
  • Brand-agnostic on-site engineers
  • Hardware replacement
  • Different service level agreement options

Customers who choose RapidCare receive the same outstanding service that OEMs do. Also, the years of brand expertise and the highest return on their capital investment.

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