Discarding vs. Reusing: Core Drivers of IT Hardware Procurement

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Oct 7, 2022 8:08:03 AM

The IT infrastructure of a company is the backbone of its operations. Hardware components keep data secure and systems running....

The IT infrastructure of a company is the backbone of its operations. Hardware components keep data secure and systems running. Upgrading these systems regularly helps companies keep up with changing market demands. Yet, this can result in a high level of e-waste and environmental threats. The growth of the hardware refurbishment industry led to lower IT spends and recycled hardware. The industry is backed by market suppliers who conduct quality checks with warranties to ensure ~100% reliability. A recent study indicates that the hardware refurbishment industry will be valued at USD 14.76 billion by 2027. Refurbished hardware is ideal for companies looking to upgrade operations sustainably. Advantages of using the hardware are cost savings, environment conservation and ISO-certified products for company systems.

Key Benefits of Refurbished IT Hardware Procurement

  1. Cost reduction: Investing in refurbished hardware is a widely-used strategy to save OPEX. It can help you save up to 30-50 percent of the market selling price for a product that is almost as good as new. 90-95 percent of the hardware quality is retained as the original unit. Further, with improved warranties, you can increase the hardware lifecycle and utilize products for a longer period of time.
  2. Improved warranties: You may be able to get an increased warranty for refurbished products over the original unit. Most companies offer at least 30-90 days warranty with easy cancellations and smooth customer support. equal2new® provides a lifetime warranty with advanced replacement and smooth customer support.
  3. Upgrade to newer models on the go: Refurbished components allow you to experiment with newer models without breaking the bank. This can help you stay aligned with market trends and developments.
  4. Aligned with environment safety: Responsible recycling can help you contribute to lesser e-waste. Suppliers like CXtec have prevented 24.3 million LBS worth of carbon emissions and reduced environmental toxicity by 3.0 MN LBS. The term, ‘Green IT’  is used to address refurbished systems that focus on resource conservation to save the environment.
  5. Dependable IT: Refurbished systems are thoroughly checked for quality before resupply. Most of these are ISO certified and come with a hallmark seal to ensure complete reliability.


Five Best Practices Businesses Must Adopt:

  1. Buy refurbished hardware: For companies new to the refurbished market, it may be daunting to identify a starting point. The first step is to evaluate the need for refurbished units and set your requirements. Choose a supplier that meets your needs and resources that can work well with your current IT setup. Many vendors offer support with product experts and include customized strategies.
  2. Increase hardware life cycle: Increase the product life cycle and stay on top of new market developments. Refurbishing is also a great way of recycling components responsibly without scrapping them. Most times, hardware components are thrown away for reasons that may not be related to it. A refurbished system is checked for quality and only then resold in the market. You can check on the warranty that comes with it too.
  3. Find suppliers that align with your goal: Choose a provider with prior experience in the market. This can help you speed-track the process aligned with high-quality standards. Ensure you’re getting the complete range of product features and have full disclosure on pricing policies and returns. Clarify any questions that you may have early on.
  4. Educate employees and build awareness: Many refurbished products need certain protocols for usage. Educate employees on the status of your new infrastructure and underline usage guidelines. Maintain a rulebook that can be used for reference later. This can be used in the future when more refurbished hardware becomes part of your network ecosystem. Following these guidelines can also help further the shelf life of your refurbished system.
  5. Evaluate your existing IT infrastructure: Evaluating the current status of your IT landscape can help you identify gaps and assess system compatibility with the new components. Ensure alignment between newer and older components for functioning of the system and zero downtime.

Combating Hardware Sourcing and Procurement Challenges in your Organization with equal2new

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