Ways How Enterprises can Embrace Green IT With Refurbished Hardware

Posted by The Team at CXtec on May 27, 2022 7:40:44 AM

What is Green IT?

Green IT is a global trend in information technology that aims to lessen the impact of technology use on...

What is Green IT?

Green IT is a global trend in information technology that aims to lessen the impact of technology use on production chains and ecosystems.

The concept entails more environmentally responsible practices, such as cloud storage, improved energy consumption, modernization of equipment to extend its usable life, and an effective disposal policy.

In a broader sense, Green IT is part of a movement to raise awareness about the significance of climate change and the need to restructure production chains, from the extraction of raw materials to thorough disposal, thus contributing to a circular and regenerative economy.

Why Green IT is Gaining Prominence in the Current IT Climate

A record 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) of electronic waste was generated worldwide in 2019, up 21 percent in just five years. Therefore, the increasing popularity of implementing ESG standards is redefining objectives in businesses. The issue has taken over the corporate agenda, encouraging increasing participation by companies in advocating initiatives that minimize the environmental impact.

These new ideals, governed by strong sustainability, social, and governance practices, demonstrate that sustainable development is an impediment to corporate success. On the contrary, experts now believe that having a consolidated sustainable pillar is a differentiating factor in garnering investment.

In the face of escalating environmental concerns, consumers are beginning to support green initiatives with their purchases. Businesses of all sizes must constantly scrutinize customer sentiment because people's purchasing patterns are changing as they learn more about climate change and its repercussions.

The first step for organizations on their journey towards sustainability is to assess their existing carbon footprint. This information will aid in identifying the areas where modifications will have the most impact.

How to Turn your Organization to Sustainable IT Practices:

Leverage the industry's best refurbished equipment to meet your IT goals

  • Invest in refurbished hardware:

Buying refurbished or reconditioned equipment is the same as reducing the ever-increasing volumes of e-waste generated each year. Refurbished IT equipment and assets are less damaging to the environment since they promote a circular economy by reusing existing resources. Furthermore, refurbished items minimize e-waste and its associated environmental impact and also relieve OEMs of the need to create new IT equipment. Finally, purchasing used equipment from a certified reseller rather than brand-new technology helps reduce the carbon footprint, resulting in a favorable environmental impact.

  • Practice environmentally responsible asset disposition:

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is one of the world's most rapidly rising waste streams. Electronic equipment that is broken, old, or retired is frequently discarded, creating an environmental concern. Many businesses are unaware that outdated equipment frequently ends up in the world's disposal systems. It is difficult to dispose of obsolete equipment in an environmentally responsible manner while still protecting your organization's security. An effective IT Asset Disposition Program (ITAD) eliminates risks while minimizing e-waste and emissions.

  • Extend support for EOL hardware:

Extended OEM warranties can be quite costly. Many of these OEMs focus on being trustworthy, so their main goal is to get customers to buy new hardware. As a result, it is not uncommon for businesses considering extended hardware life cycles to find themselves in a cost-prohibitive situation. Entering a contract with a third-party hardware repair provider can be an excellent way to improve fiscal efficiency while also reducing e-waste and boosting sustainability.

  • Green data centers and cloud computing:

Green cloud computing facilitates the environmentally and ecologically sustainable usage of computers and computer resources. Green cloud computing has aided in the effective processing and application of infrastructure, as well as the reduction of energy consumption. As the IT departments evolve throughout time, the fundamental goal of Green Cloud Computing is to become more environmentally friendly by cutting data center energy consumption and waste disposal to the environment.

CXtec- Delivering Sustainable IT Solutions through Environmentally Responsible Strategies

With the global use of IT equipment expected to rise, we urgently require a solution to the e-waste epidemic.

Our strategy is to focus on IT equipment refurbishment as the front line of the transition to a more circular IT. The goal of IT equipment refurbishment is to keep it operational for as long as feasible. By extending the life of equipment, we can reduce the amount of e-waste while also reducing the amount of new equipment sold. This also prevents additional environmental destruction during manufacturing, like mining, water usage, and significant greenhouse gas emissions.

We have helped refurbish and repurpose over 4.8+ Million IT hardware units, reducing landfill waste by over 16.8 million and greenhouse gasses by over 23.4 million in the last three years.

CXtec is constantly working to slow this cycle. We are a proud change agent, working together to reduce the impact on landfills by sustainably prolonging the functional life of your IT hardware. CXtec is committed to meeting the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) demands of the contemporary climate shift. We are proud to be positive ecological change agents by extending product life wherever we believe it is possible to lower society's carbon and waste footprint. As passionate environmental stewards, we believe in applying circular economics' financial and environmental benefits to IT hardware lifecycle management. Our concerted efforts to accelerate decarbonization in the infrastructure ecosystem represent substantial steps forward in terms of scalability and sustainability.

Read more about our ESG initiatives through this helpful sheet.

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