Dell SC Series Tiered Storage Solution: How It Manages Your Business’ Storage Needs

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Mar 3, 2024 11:58:53 PM

Companies usually spend too much money on data storage because they probably are not aware of available and affordable...

Companies usually spend too much money on data storage because they  probably are not aware of available and affordable storage-saving strategies, such as tiered storage. They face inflated expenses, sluggish system performance, and overwhelming data management challenges as a result.

Dell’s SC Series uses tiered storage to transform data management and is better than traditional storage methods.

Tiered Storage Solutions

Tiered storage solutions are data management strategies that classify and distribute data across different storage mediums based on access frequency, importance, and regulatory requirements into different storage tiers:

  • Hot Tier: Stores frequently accessed data on high-performance media, like Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Warm Tier: Holds data accessed occasionally but still deemed important.
  • Cold Tier: Archives rarely accessed data on low-cost options, like tapes or Cloud storage.

By tiering data, your organization can:

  • Accommodate data growth by  efficiently expanding storage capacity.
  • Optimize costs with cheaper options available for inactive data.
  • Improve performance to ensure critical data remains readily available for smooth operations.
  • Simplify data management to automate data movement between tiers based on predefined policies.

Pitfalls of Not Using Tiered Storage

Without a tiered storage approach, managing data growth may become complex. It can slow access to crucial data, affecting business operations and decision-making processes. In the absence of tiered storage, you risk running into scalability issues that may hinder performance and inflate costs unnecessarily. It can affect your company's agility and ability to respond to market changes. Some more challenges:

  • Uncontrolled Data Growth: Storage costs rise significantly as all data consumes expensive high-performance resources.
  • Performance Hindrance: Overloaded storage systems struggle to keep up with critical application demands, impacting productivity.
  • Compliance Risks: Sensitive data might not be adequately protected, especially if stored on lower-tier systems that may not meet compliance standards.
  • Inefficient Resource Utilization: Valuable high-performance storage capacity is wasted on rarely accessed data.
  • Bulk Data: Locating specific data due to uncategorized data is difficult.

How Dell SC Series Integrates Tiered Storage

With advanced data progression technology, the Dell SC Series is one of the most efficient solutions for storage and performance optimization. Rather than simply storing data, it intelligently positions it across various media based on frequency of access and importance to business operations using tiered solutions. This eliminates the need for additional hardware or server-side agents, simplifying deployment and management.

Maximize Performance:

  • Pattern Analysis: Automatically places frequently accessed "hot" data on high-performance Tier 1 SSDs.
  • RAID Tiering: Within each tier, data can be further optimized by converting read-only data to RAID 5 or 6.
  • Volume Migration: Ensures seamless data movements between tiers.

Enhance Efficiency:

  • Automatic Movement: Data is automatically migrated to lower-cost tiers, reducing storage costs.
  • Space-efficient Snapshots: Data Instant Replay technology minimizes storage overhead for backups and snapshots.
  • Thin Provisioning: Allocates storage only as needed, further reducing capacity requirements.

Increase Flexibility:

  • Multi-tier Architecture: Supports a mix of SSDs and hard disk drives (HDDs).
  • Policy-based Management: Administrators can define custom tiering policies based on specific application requirements.
  • Openness: Integrates with various operating systems, for seamless flexibility.

Benefits of Dell SC Series

Some of the benefits of the Dell SC Series include:

1.Real-time Intelligence

Traditional methods of relying on agents for evaluating and moving data usually result in outdated information and inefficient large block movements. At a granular level of individual blocks, the SC Series achieves continuous real-time monitoring of data. This captures intricate user attributes, like creation dates, places, access rates, etc., to ensure precision and promptness in data transfer with minimal system overhead.

The daily automated migration based on real-time intelligence within or across different storage levels is possible with the SC Series’ unique architecture, unlike other systems where data is often moved entirely without the knowledge of its current importance.

Dell’s SC Series does not limit data allocation to predetermined rules associated with specific types of storage media. Instead, it offers incomparable flexibility in terms of allowing data to be placed where it should be depending on demand.

2.Snapshot Integration

Space-efficient snapshot helps conserve storage space by only capturing the changes since the last snapshot.

New data is usually kept on Tier 1/RAID 10 storage to ensure writing performance is optimal. These snapshots then convert the data into RAID 5 or 6 in the same tier.

Less frequently used data is moved down to lower tiers and different RAID levels, depending on the activity profile of the data to create room on higher tiers.

For read-only and lower-tier blocks , any new data writes are automatically directed back to Tier 1/RAID 10 storage, with new writable blocks created to maintain high performance.

This approach allows organizations to reclaim up to 40 percent of Tier 1 capacity by migrating read-only data to lower tiers.

3.Built-in Virtualization

Pooled storage, which can be visualized as a virtualized storage environment, is the best groundwork for implementing tiered storage. In this environment, data is not limited by traditional disk group boundaries.

Data moves freely to any tier, depending on its drive type or performance needs, or even to different RAID levels within the same tier.

The Dell SC Series Fluid Data™ Architecture is a fully virtualized storage solution that encompasses all disks in the system. This means storage across various types and RAID levels is pooled together, creating a dynamic, universally accessible collection of storage resources.

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