How to Choose the Right ITAD Option for Your Business

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Oct 7, 2022 8:07:58 AM

There comes a time when the IT assets deployed in your data center or organization reach the end of their useful life. You need...

There comes a time when the IT assets deployed in your data center or organization reach the end of their useful life. You need to replace the old IT gear with new hardware at this stage to ensure smooth IT functioning. However, it is pivotal to dispose of your retired IT assets in a secure and eco-friendly way. Otherwise, you may face legal, financial, and reputational losses. IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the popular term companies use for safe and responsible scrapping of used IT gear. It is always better to reach out to an ITAD expert for risk-free asset disposal.

ITAD companies help you securely wipe data from your used IT assets to avoid the risk of a data breach. They also help recycle and refurbish your unwanted assets in a safe and eco-friendly way. An ITAD expert can double your IT savings by recovering maximum value from retired IT gear. Selecting the right ITAD option for each IT asset is often confusing.

So, let's look at some of the popular ITAD options and which one can be right for your business:

  • Asset recycling

Most ITAD specialists provide recycling options during asset disposition. You can use this option to reduce e-waste and ensure environmental safety. An ITAD specialist can identify parts of retired hardware with reuse ability during recycling. Based on the condition, the recycled asset can be used as a component in new hardware or sold as a new item entirely. Note that recycling can harm the environment if not done correctly. Hence, consider working with vendors who provide responsible and safe recycling options.

Choose a vendor with certifications like R2 or e-Stewards. These certifications prove that your chosen vendor follows industry best practices while recycling used IT gear. Beware of fake vendors who only showcase these certifications but cut corners when it comes to implementation. Note that the recycling process is often costlier than refurbishment. If budget is your top priority, you can choose the latter option.

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  • Asset repair and refurbishment

ITAD experts provide refurbishment services to increase the useful life of your used IT gear. Refurbishment is a good option to cut down your IT costs. It also helps you get the best returns from your technology investment. A good ITAD company will always check which parts of your retired assets have reuse or remarketing potential. After identifying the eligible assets, the company erases data from them professionally.

ITAD companies allow you to reuse the refurbished assets within your company. They can also remarket or resell your assets through various B2B and B2C channels. This helps you receive the best monetary value for your used IT gear. If you can't invest in new hardware with every IT refresh, then asset refurbishment should be your go-to choice.

  • Asset disposal and data sanitization

Most ITAD vendors support the responsible reuse of used IT gear. However, they also provide a safe disposal option for retired IT gear with zero reuse potential. After selecting this option, ensure that your retired assets are scrapped in an eco-friendly way. Your chosen vendor must follow the state and federal guidelines while disposing of your used IT assets. This will help you avoid legal penalties and loss of business reputation. Further, ask your vendor to pack and transport your retired assets during disposition with top-notch security. This will help you reduce the chances of asset theft and data breach.

Secure data erasure is another important thing you should focus on while scrapping old assets. Your chosen vendor should provide many options to keep your data safe. Popular services for secure data erasure include hard drive degaussing and shredding. Degaussing involves the permanent removal of data from used assets via electromagnetic pulses. Shredding refers to the physical destruction of retired IT assets. Ask for certificates of data destruction from your ITAD vendor. This helps you confirm that the data has been professionally wiped from your devices before disposal.

Key considerations when selecting an IT asset disposition (ITAD) option

ITAD vendors provide many options like asset recycling, refurbishment, and disposal. While choosing any of these options, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Certifications and experience

Your chosen ITAD vendor should follow industry standards and best practices during asset disposition. Ensure that your preferred vendor erases data from used IT gear in line with NIST and DoD guidelines. Further, your ITAD vendor should adhere to the data safety standards like HIPAA and SOX. This will help you avoid the loss of sensitive business data.

  • Sustainability

Choose a vendor that provides green ITAD solutions and services. Certifications like R2 can help you confirm that your chosen vendor recycles the old IT gear responsibly. A good ITAD vendor will always encourage you to refurbish and reuse retired assets instead of scrapping them to reduce e-waste.

  • Asset safety

Prefer working with an ITAD company that takes proper care of your used IT gear during repair, recycling, or refurbishment. Your vendor should manage everything, from asset de-installation and packaging to transportation. It will help you reduce the possibility of asset breakdown and data loss.

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