IT Asset Disposition (ITAD): Best practices and certs for optimizing IT assets

Posted by The Team at CXtec on May 19, 2022 1:07:54 AM

Whether you're planning to move, combine, or upgrade your data center infrastructure, a robust IT Asset Disposition strategy is...

Whether you're planning to move, combine, or upgrade your data center infrastructure, a robust IT Asset Disposition strategy is essential for effectively disposing of your defunct IT assets. The process also assists you in safely discarding confidential business information stored on outdated equipment, preventing unnecessary data breaches and regulatory violations. However, data center decommissioning is frequently challenging for IT organizations due to the enormous time and resources required. Inventory audits, technical de-installation, data deletion, logistical planning, and compliance reporting are all part of the ITAD process.

What is IT Asset Disposition?

According to the World Economic Forum, e-waste is the world's fastest-growing waste stream, with around 50 million tonnes of electronic waste produced each year. This statistics will double by 2050, owing primarily to the Internet of Things and the increased demand for networked gadgets — the volume of outdated IT assets increases due to hybrid work environments, online learning, and high-tech vehicles. In a world where environmental sustainability is becoming more and more relevant, the capacity to reuse IT equipment rather than destroy or recycle it is vital in organizations' sustainability strategy. This is where IT asset disposition (ITAD) comes into play.

ITAD’s Benefits are Numerous

The advantages of an excellent IT asset disposition strategy are extensive, influencing many business sectors. The following are the significant advantages of an effective ITAD program:

Simplify your next IT hardware refresh with reliable and secure ITAD solution

Solid data security and compliance

Today, data security and compliance are critical for every organization. According to Gartner, data leak threats are the top concern among Chief Audit Executives (CAEs). Suppose an enterprise leaks user data, suffers a security breach, or violates data security and privacy regulations. In that case, it poses a significant and severe risk to your brand’s reputation and may cause irreversible harm. Therefore, a reliable ITAD partner is quintessential.

Maximized value recovery

Refurbished IT assets in your organization typically have residual financial worth that you might reclaim after you no longer require the IT equipment. Making repairs to your equipment before selling might also help you recover the most value. A financial benefit of an IT asset disposition program is the money you make from reselling your IT assets.

Strong, well-developed direct sales channels are essential for retrieving the most value from your assets by maximizing sales to end-users. CXtec, for example, has a diverse collection of solid sales channels and a track record of providing customers with industry-leading value.

Accurate and secure IT tracking and reporting

A successful IT asset disposition strategy is tied together by a well-maintained IT inventory that creates an audit log to verify compliance with data and environmental requirements and transparency in resource recovery and fees. An ITAD program ensures that each IT asset is thoroughly inspected, monitored, and tracked throughout the disposal process. When dealing with thousands of IT assets, the necessity of transparency and process control cannot be understated.

ITAD Best Practices

While IT asset disposal is concerned with obsolete equipment, any effective data security strategy begins as soon as possible. Whether it's a new hard drive in your data center or a new printer in your office, it's critical to plan ahead of time. Below, we have listed some time-and-tested best ITAD practices:

Choose a reputable ITAD service provider

Even if your company is young and has a low IT asset turnover, maintaining ITAD in-house is always a risk. You undoubtedly recognize the importance and fragility of your business data, but you might not know how to cope with specific equipment. Certain devices, such as hard drive shredding, will involve physical destruction rather than overwriting for secure data deletion. Even if you know which equipment requires which approach, you may not have the necessary tools.

Instead, go with a recognized and qualified ITAD vendor, such as CXtec. CXtec has extensive industrial experience with data destruction and end-of-life disposal. Because of our global presence, high-quality replacement components, and over 40 years of industry knowledge, we can complete any data center ITAD program quickly, efficiently, and on time.

Devise a comprehensive and detailed action plan

After identifying the obsolete IT assets in your data center:

  1. Create a detailed implementation strategy that outlines the duties and responsibilities of each project team member.
  2. Ensure that project participants' responsibilities are clearly specified in the decommissioning roadmap to avoid confusion and delays — conduct background checks on all team members to reduce the risk of lost or stolen devices.
  3. Determine an appropriate time to begin data center decommissioning.

Keep a chain of custody

A paper trail of the chain of custody is critical in any ITAD plan because it tracks where equipment is and who is responsible for it. CXtec, your trustworthy ITAD partner, will advise you on how to record this in detail. The team tracks the equipment record from when it enters the company until it is destroyed, recycled, or resold.

Adhere to environmental regulations

Approximately 40 million tons of e-waste is produced every year; therefore, equipment disposal should always be the last option. If asset disposal is the only practical alternative, you must do so in an environmentally responsible and legal manner. CXtec holds numerous waste carrier permissions and certifications to ensure compliance with environmental requirements.

CXtec Advantage for Your IT Hardware Management

If you need safe, cost-effective, and trustworthy data center decommissioning services, Atlantix Global, a division of CXtec, may be the perfect partner for you. Atlantix Global, an experienced and reputable ITAD company, provides customizable and scalable solutions to meet every demand of your project, from technical de-installation and data sanitization to asset value recovery.