8 Reasons Why Refurbished IT is the Future

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Jan 17, 2023 3:44:33 AM

Businesses perform regular IT hardware refreshes to keep pace with rapid technological changes in today’s digital era. But,...

Businesses perform regular IT hardware refreshes to keep pace with rapid technological changes in today’s digital era. But, constant IT refreshes are worsening the problem of global e-waste. Controlling growing e-waste volumes is a major issue for companies worldwide. Other problems include the global chip shortage and supply chain disruption caused by the covid-19 pandemic. All these factors, combined with shrinking IT budgets, make it difficult for companies to build innovative solutions rapidly. Opting for refurbished IT hardware is an excellent way to overcome these issues. It helps you cut costs, control e-waste, and innovate faster.

From performance to availability, there are various reasons that make refurbished IT gear a viable choice today and in the years to come. Let's look at some of them:

  • Proven performance

Most companies fear that refurbished hardware performs poorly compared to new IT gear. But this is not true. Refurbished assets deliver similar or better performance than new IT gear. As per the 2020 research findings, new and refurbished servers deliver similar performance. In fact, with better configurations, refurbished servers can outperform new ones. Given its reliable performance, refurbished IT gear usage is becoming common across industries. For example, IT giants like Google rely on refurbished servers for data center operations.

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  • Instant availability

Immediate availability of IT hardware is vital for most companies. The best example is covid-19 pandemic when the demand for laptops increased due to remote working. But, OEM vendors struggled to meet the demand due to the chip shortage and supply chain disruption caused by the pandemic. Using refurbished IT gear can be a handy option for companies to tackle such unexpected events. Most refurbished IT vendors have a huge inventory of stocks to meet the surge in product demand. They also support quick product delivery thanks to their global stockpiles.

  • Impressive warranties

The warranty and support options offered with refurbished IT assets make them a worthy option for companies. Refurbished product vendors provide extended warranties and 24/7 support. Some vendors also sell refurbished IT assets with a lifetime warranty. This gives you complete peace of mind when buying refurbished assets. Extended support offered with refurbished gear also makes them better than new hardware. New IT gear offered by OEMs has a limited warranty, usually 3 to 5 years.

  • Extensive testing

Most companies believe the failure or return rate is high with refurbished IT gear. But this is far from reality. Today most refurbished IT vendors ensure that their products deliver a smooth customer experience. They have set up high-quality product testing and certification processes to reduce the chances of failure. Vendors like CXtec provide refurbished products with a 99.51% reliability rating. This helps you get the reliability of new hardware from refurbished IT gear.

  • Environmentally-friendly

Today, nearly 50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated yearly due to improper disposal of IT assets. Most companies discard their used IT assets instead of reusing or refurbishing them. This increases the e-waste and threatens environmental safety. Refurbishing used IT assets can help you reduce e-waste and become more eco-friendly. It also enables you to get the best value from your IT investments. Refurbishment is also a great way to boost the useful life of your technology gear.

  • Massive cost savings

IT cost reduction is vital for companies to stay competitive. With the shrinking budgets, most IT managers want to invest in products that are valuable and cost-effective at the same time. Refurbished IT assets help cut your IT costs greatly. They are 40 to 50 cheaper than OEM list prices. The maintenance cost of refurbished IT gear is also much lesser than new hardware. The savings realized through refurbished hardware can be put into business growth activities.

  • Multiple customization options

Every company has specific needs when it comes to procuring IT hardware. Unlike OEMs, refurbished product vendors provide the flexibility to buy new, used, and refurbished products. You can use the combination of new and refurbished assets to create a hybrid IT solution. This level of customization is not available with OEM vendors. Building hybrid IT solutions also helps reduce your costs greatly.

  • On-time maintenance support

Timely maintenance is vital for companies to ensure smooth IT operations. Unlike OEMs, most refurbished IT vendors provide high-quality maintenance services at cheaper costs. Their maintenance contracts are mostly simple to understand and provide the best coverage. You don't experience sudden hikes in maintenance prices after some years of engagement. The cost-effective maintenance gives refurbished assets an edge over new IT assets.

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