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Posted by The Team at CXtec on Apr 4, 2022 3:12:47 AM

Over the years, the use of IT has exploded in several areas offering convenience and flexibility to enterprises. IT infrastructure

Over the years, the use of IT has exploded in several areas offering convenience and flexibility to enterprises. IT infrastructure plays a vital role in helping businesses achieve their goals by delivering faster and efficient business systems and IT-enabled processes. But as the number of IT devices, such as servers, storage equipment, computers, and data communication equipment, are increasingly produced, replaced, and discarded, they pose a significant threat to the environment.

Additionally, IT infrastructure consumes substantial amounts of electricity, placing a heavy burden on the electric grids and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. To maintain environmental sustainability, most IT organizations, vendors, and users are adopting green IT practices.   

Green IT refers to environmentally sound IT. It is a practice that involves reusing, recycling, and refurbishing IT products efficiently and effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment. It benefits the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, encouraging reuse, refurbishment, and recycling of IT products. One of such popular green IT practices includes refurbished IT products.

What are Refurbished Assets and Why Should You Choose It for Your IT Operations?

Refurbished IT assets refer to the used IT products that are restored to their original factory settings by replacing the worn-out or critical parts. These assets are certified, fully tested, and come with an extended third-party maintenance warranty. As more and more enterprises are now open to adopting green IT practices, the market for refurbished IT assets is gaining traction. Enterprises are giving more importance to refurbished products to maintain environmental sustainability, gain agility, and potentially save cash flow and capital expenditures. 

Let’s look at how refurbishing proves to be a better long-term way of managing IT resources.

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Key Benefits of Using Refurbished IT Assets

  1. High Availability: Refurbished assets are gaining popularity due to their high stock availability, reliability, and enhanced performance. The reason for the high availability of refurbished assets and products is that the refurbishing is done on assets that have been on the market for a longer time and whose spare parts are in stock for legacy and end-of-life hardware. Moreover, refurbishment experts store IT equipment directly into their engineering facilities, enabling fast turnarounds, avoiding any long manufacturing waiting times, thereby offering value-added convenience. 
  2. Impressive Warranties: One of the significant benefits of buying refurbished IT hardware is that most products typically come with a better aftermarket warranty than a brand new product offers. However, the length of the warranty period entirely depends on the refurbishing vendor you’re purchasing from. When you buy from a reputed refurbishment company, warranties often match or surpass the actual warranty period offered by OEMs on the brand-new product. This provides the ultimate peace of mind that your IT devices have been thoroughly inspected and offer the same quality, performance, and reliability as the brand new product.
  3. Extensively Tested Products: Refurbished equipment are tested multiple times throughout the refurbishment process to ensure component and system reliability. The purpose of inspecting each component is to ensure a secure data erasure, extended life, and enhanced performance. Moreover, these refurbished products deliver exceptional value to business operations by providing a high level of performance and reliability. 
  4. Significant Cost Savings: Staying under budget is one of the top priorities of the organizations willing to operate their businesses profitably. The major benefit of buying refurbished IT hardware is that it allows organizations to save significant costs and at the same time provide employees with quality, top-notch products at a fraction of the cost. 
  5. Reduced e-waste: Purchasing refurbished or reconditioned equipment is equivalent to reducing the ever-increasing volumes of e-waste being generated every year. Refurbished IT equipment and assets are less harmful to the environment as they create a circular economy using existing resources. Moreover, refurbished products not only reduce the e-waste and associated environmental impact but they also reduce the pressure on OEMs to manufacture new IT equipment. Ultimately, choosing refurbished over brand-new electronics from a certified vendor helps reduce the carbon footprint, creating a positive environmental impact. 
  6. Extended Support: Buying refurbished IT assets and equipment does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the support services. TPM has helped various businesses to improve their overall performance in the market by using the appropriate refurbished equipment and offering significantly cheaper services than mainstream support from OEMs. Third-party maintenance offers the premium quality services with immediate response and regular check-ins to proactively address and troubleshoot issues. Additionally, TPM provides a single point of contact for all of your support, eliminating the need for multiple service providers.
  7. Budget-friendly Maintenance: Maintenance contracts from the OEMs are far more expensive than third-party maintenance contracts. OEM maintenance contracts get even more expensive after the first three-year standard warranty. Third-party hardware maintenance vendors, on the other hand, have process excellence and can unlock key benefits for their customers by giving them fully-realized maintenance services at a much lower cost than OEMs. They proactively develop operational strategies and train engineers to ensure customers get the maintenance services and experience in the most efficient way possible. 

How Can CXtec Help Achieve Environmental Sustainability?

To stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital world, IT organizations must grab opportunities that help reduce their IT expenditure without compromising on the quality, performance, compliance, and IT standards. With growing concern for environmental sustainability, more and more organizations are now adopting green IT practices

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