8 Reasons Why Pre-owned IT Equipment is Future Forward

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Nov 17, 2022 1:47:10 AM

Businesses often rely heavily on sophisticated network architectures to transform their operations, resulting in maximizing the...

Businesses often rely heavily on sophisticated network architectures to transform their operations, resulting in maximizing the value of IT investments. However, with today's increasing operating costs, certified pre-owned equipment can be a safe and reliable way to keep pace with advanced technologies without the need to stress your expenses. Pre-owned IT equipment technically refers to a well-taken-care-of used product. It has been previously owned, inspected, cosmetically improved, and tested equipment that is restored to a sellable condition.

Why prefer pre-owned IT equipment over OEM?

There are a number of reasons why most businesses today consider pre-owned IT equipment. Let's take a look at 8 most incredible benefits of pre-owned IT equipment.

  1. Tested and Certified: The pre-owned IT equipment is fully-refurbished and restored to its factory specifications. Although the functionality of advanced networking equipment is software-driven, when refurbished, it is updated with the current versions of firmware and software. These equipment are thoroughly tested to ensure reliability over the duration of the intended product lifespan.
  2. Extended Warranty: While the equipment is backed by the same warranty that includes vendor maintenance and support options as the equivalent new product, it is important to look beyond the price tag. If you purchase the equipment from a reputable refurbished provider, you will get an extended warranty and a maintenance program. Doing so, your equipment gets the same level of protection as new equipment.
  3. Cost Savings: Pre-owned IT equipment helps you meet your hardware needs while keeping the costs under your budget. Buying pre-owned IT equipment not only helps to cut down costs but also reduces the risk of failure.
  4. Extend Technology Investments: If your product is still working, but the manufacturer retired the product line. What do you do? There is an ideal option to choose a refurbished market to gain independence from OEM-defined product life cycles. Replacing your product with a refurbished unit allows you to upgrade anytime.
  5. Quick Availability of Products: Reputed refurbished equipment sellers often have an extensive inventory available for immediate needs. You do not need to wait for the product availability from the manufacturer. This saves a lot of your time that might get exhausted due to production delays, such as microchip shortages.
  6. Boosts your Green Credential: Refurbished or pre-owned IT equipment has a positive impact on the environment in several ways:
    • Reduces waste by keeping retired assets out of the landfill
    • Reduces carbon emissions from transportation
    • Reduces air pollution from the manufacturing process
  7. Guaranteed High-quality Products: The refurbishing process updates all the issues that equipment is facing. Refurbishing companies ensure that you’re getting high-quality equipment for your business. Refurbishing includes testing quality check procedures to ensure that the product is good to be delivered.
  8. Round-the-clock Support: Most reputed refurbished providers give you complete support right from the availability of the equipment to its lifecycle management and maintenance. They have a specialized team of well-trained experts who can help with quick inspections and troubleshooting of errors.


How CXtec Helps Meet your Business Requirements and How is it Different from Others

The objective of the company is to future-proof the IT hardware company through green, sustainable strategies. We go beyond OEM capabilities to extend usable hardware life for cost savings. CXtec is one of the renowned companies in the refurbished market. It is the largest secondary market network hardware supplier with extensive refurbishment, distribution, and maintenance services. With over 40 years of experience in selling refurbished IT hardware for small, medium, and larger enterprises, CXtec helps bridge the gap between the end of life and the end of the usable life of IT hardware equipment, championing sustainability. It offers:

CXtec equal2new® is an ideal solution for businesses looking to transform their IT infrastructure in a budget-friendly way. It not only helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint but also provides high-quality pre-owned IT equipment to fulfill your IT infrastructure needs. equal2new offers quality, reliability, and stability of new IT hardware with the advantage of a lifetime warranty, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. 

Why Choose equal2new?

  • massive cost savings
  • huge inventory of top brands
  • lifetime warranty with advance replacement
  • 99.51% out-of-the-box reliability rating
  • industry-leading testing and certification process
  • meets regulatory standards and compliance

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