Why are Refurbished Switches an Ideal Choice Amid the Return-to-Office Wave?

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Nov 29, 2023 12:41:43 AM

The world is changing as more companies adopt hybrid and remote working models. With the new back-to-office wave fostering the...

The world is changing as more companies adopt hybrid and remote working models. With the new back-to-office wave fostering the need for stable connectivity, a high-performing network infrastructure becomes all the more important for productive work.

One of the key components that makes this happen is a network switch. Switches connect different computers and networks helping devices communicate with one other. Unlike hubs, switches operate at the data link layer, significantly increasing network efficiency.

Most switches perform different functions and are used as per unique network needs. These are of three types including managed, unmanaged, and smart switches.

What are managed switches? Those switches that are configured via a web interface or a command-line interface (CLI) are called managed switches. These kinds of switches are generally suitable for large networks or businesses.

Unmanaged switches are those types of switches that are easy to operate and do not require any additional features or management. They are generally plug-and-play and are easy to install, making them suitable for small networks or home use.

Finally, with smart switches you can leverage on the best of both unmanaged and managed switches. These switches are suitable for medium-sized networks or offices.

Boosting Network Performance with Low-latency Refurbished Switches

Switches work in a different way as compared to hubs. They are a great way of reducing network traffic by transmitting data only to the intended device. To add to this, with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), they transmit power to some devices through the same cable that connects them, significantly simplifying the management of devices that need power, such as phones, cameras, or lights. Switches can also ensure that critical applications get the best performance. This is made possible by Quality-of-Service (QoS) features that transmit data only to priority devices. And finally, with Virtual LAN (VLAN); organizations can make groups of devices with switches and share the same network resources for improved efficiency.

Switches can sometimes be expensive and complex to manage, especially amidst limited resources and budget constraints. Refurbished switches help solve this challenge. Renewed hardware are those devices that have been used before but are still in good condition and cost a fraction of OEMs. They can help you with:

  • Saving on IT costs: Refurbished switches are cheaper than new switches, so you get premium quality hardware at more affordable prices.
  • An eco-friendly alternative to OEMs: Refurbished switches are a more eco-friendly alternative to shiny OEM ones and can help reduce the amount of trash and energy wasted by IT resources.
  • Easy to install: Refurbished switches are flexible and can be added or removed from your network whenever you want, depending on your network goals.
  • Warranty: Most refurbished hardware offer warranties that can protect you from any issues in the future.

Reimagine your Network Infrastructure Operations with CXtec

With refurbished switches becoming more popular across IT systems, companies must partner with a reliable provider to help evaluate their network requirements and procure the right hardware suited to their organization. CXtec presents to you equal2new®, a premium refurbished hardware brand that gives you the same quality and stability as that of new IT hardware but with more benefits. But what’s our vision? We are motivated towards helping organizations achieve cost savings, an eco-friendly alternative to OEMs, and enjoy an easy buying process.

Get only the best-quality refurbished switches with equal2new, that come with benefits like:

  • Choose from a wide selection of brands: Get more value from your hardware investment by choosing trusted brands like Cisco, Juniper, and others.
  • 99.9% reliable used hardware: Used network hardware has a high-reliability rating of 99.51%. This means you can trust it to work as well as new hardware.
  • Custom solutions that fit your requirements: Our all-round available product experts are here to help you find the solution that best matches your business requirements.
  • Stringent quality checks: Each network equipment is rigorously tested and checked for quality according to ISO standards. The goal? To prevent hardware failures in the future.
  • Lifetime warranty: CXtec offers a lifetime warranty on all its switches, helping you smoothly foresee and tide over any technical challenges even in the future.

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