Greenwashing in Bids: Truth Behind Sustainability Claims and Procurement Reality

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Jan 29, 2024 2:16:29 AM

September 2023 was the warmest month on record, accompanied by a surge in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which intensified the...

September 2023 was the warmest month on record, accompanied by a surge in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which intensified the call for sustainable environmental practices and development, emphasizing adherence to circularity. Sustainability has gone mainstream with IT organizations across the globe claiming a reduced carbon footprint via responsible environmental practices. The question, however, remains: Is this commitment genuine, or just a marketing gimmick to gain an edge over competitors?

Quit Greenwashing Trap, Embrace Genuine Sustainability

The world is under a purposely formulated delusion of green practices. The reality is hidden by the misleading strategy of “greenwashing.” Often deployed as a marketing/public relations (PR) strategy, this tactic aims to give organizations a competitive edge by providing misleading information regarding the environmental impact of a company’s operations and products. A recent study exposed a concerning reality. About 58 percent of CEOs in North America admit their companies are guilty of greenwashing, and 72 percent acknowledge that their organizations tend to overstate sustainability efforts. Another study is even more alarming. It reveals that companies only boast about their environmental credentials but possess poor environmental and labor compliance records.

Sustainable procurement may prove profitable for businesses to demonstrate a genuine commitment and integrate socially responsible practices into their operations. 

Note: GHG emissions were the highest in 2022, with reports indicating that companies worldwide account for ~70 percent of global emissions. Sustainable procurement addresses the entire value chain and is a powerful mechanism for businesses to identify and eliminate emission areas–from material sourcing to product disposal. Sustainable procurement is further established as a fundamental method that promotes ethical labor practices and community development while meeting stakeholder requirements.

Elevated consumer awareness and vigilance will end false sustainability practices as consumers prioritize making well-informed decisions. In this respect, adhering to refurbished tech as a genuine solution for sustainability may be a conscious choice and an immediate need. Refurbished equipment serves as an ideal gateway for enterprises to break free from the take-make-dispose cycle and embrace a circular economy. It also plays a crucial role in reducing e-waste, which is expected to reach 74 million tons by the end of 2030. Beyond environmental benefits, refurbished equipment produces numerous advantages to businesses, including cost-efficiency, scalability, customization, and 24/7 support, depending on the refurbishing partner. How do we continue to make informed decisions?

Time to Step Away from Misleading Reality of Green Practices

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has environmental and quality standards that are instrumental in ensuring green products. ISO 14001, an Environmental Management System (EMS), is among the most used standards globally. It prioritizes pollution prevention, natural resources, and energy conservation while emphasizing continual improvement and promoting sustainability.

Consumers should recognize a genuine sustainability statement by checking for ISO certifications. The following steps should include verifying transparency in the sustainability statement and testing procedures by scanning through proof of claims. Ensure sustainability efforts align with environmental regulations and whether they adhere to ethical and legal standards. An alternative is, however, choosing refurbished equipment and partnering with CXtec

Recognized as North America's largest secondary market network hardware supplier, CXtec offers proven expertise in distribution, sourcing, customization, and maintenance services. CXtec has ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001 certifications. With equal2new®, CXtec offers premier pre-owned IT hardware to promote green tech.

Meet sustainability and business goals with equal2new:

  • Impressive Warranties: The warranties on refurbished equipment often match or surpass the warranty Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) offer on new equipment.
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  • Significant Cost Savings and Performance Guarantee: With up to 70 percent cost savings on your IT infrastructure, achieve the desired return on investment (ROI) and experience performance equivalent to new hardware with a 99.51 percent reliability rating.
  • Reduced Electronic Waste: Commit to circularity by purchasing refurbished equipment and stop adding to the ever-increasing volumes of e-waste.