5 proven strategies to reduce your IT Infrastructure costs

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Aug 16, 2022 6:59:54 AM

Global IT spending is seeing an upward trend continuously. Worldwide IT spending is expected to be around USD 4.4 trillion in...

Global IT spending is seeing an upward trend continuously. Worldwide IT spending is expected to be around USD 4.4 trillion in 2022. With IT expenses consuming a large portion of the organization's total revenue, business leaders are looking for ways to reduce their IT costs. IT cost optimization focuses on minimizing the expenses related to the sourcing and maintenance of technology assets. It also enables you to reduce business risk while staying competitive.

Businesses also face various issues while optimizing their IT costs. These challenges include the lack of in-house talent, vendor conflicts, and legacy infrastructure. Improper cost allocation also makes it difficult for businesses to reduce operational expenses. You can avoid such challenges by following the below-listed strategies for IT cost optimization:

  • Invest in refurbished hardware

Buying and using refurbished hardware can help you reduce IT costs by 50 to 70 percent. Remember that refurbished doesn't mean damaged or broken hardware. Refurbished assets go through various quality checks and updates before being resold with a refurbished tag. Their performance is similar to or even better than new equipment in most cases. Refurbished IT assets also help reduce your organization's environmental impact. They allow you to reduce e-waste and become more eco-friendly. They also reduce the demand for core minerals required for manufacturing new assets.

  • Utilize multiple hardware support options

Monitoring your hardware support options is important to reduce your IT costs. Relying on OEM support alone for your IT maintenance needs can be costlier in the long run. As your equipment starts getting older, OEMs increase their support costs dramatically. As a result, you are forced to invest in new technology gear, increasing your overall IT costs. To avoid this, look for different network hardware support options. It includes third-party maintenance (TPM), original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support, and hybrid maintenance. A hybrid maintenance strategy will give you the best coverage for your assets.

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  • Extend the useful life of your IT assets with TPM support

Third-party maintenance is a great option to increase the useful life of your IT assets post OEM warranty period. Using TPM over OEM support can help you reduce your maintenance costs by 30 to 50 percent. It allows you to avoid hardware refreshes every 3 to 6 years. TPM providers also enable you to avoid the hassle of maintaining multiple OEM maintenance contracts. They offer a single, consolidated maintenance contract for all your IT assets. Reliable TPM providers like CXtec offer 24/7 hardware support and advanced part replacement options.

  • Consolidate multiple vendor contracts

Working with different hardware vendors and suppliers often requires a lot of time and resources. Hence, you should aim to consolidate vendors and technologies to optimize IT costs. Engaging with fewer vendors will help you receive greater product discounts along with superior service quality. It’s easier working with hardware vendors who support most of the manufacturer brands. This will help you to avoid engaging with different vendors to find the perfect solution for your business. Ensure that your chosen vendor gives you the flexibility to modify your service contracts.

  • Partner with professional services providers

Managing the IT infrastructure on your own can be time-consuming and expensive. It can be even more difficult for companies that don't have a skilled in-house team. Partnering with a professional services provider on an as-needed basis can help you cut IT costs greatly. Since these outsourcing experts have a good amount of experience, they can suggest the best solution based on your business needs. They can easily manage your day-to-day IT tasks so you can focus on your core business areas. For large projects like data center migration, these experts can help you keep a tab on the overall budget.

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Working with a reliable hardware vendor like CXtec can help you reduce your IT costs. At CXtec, we pride ourselves on assisting businesses in optimizing their IT costs while delivering world-class hardware services. Our TPM service, RapidCare®, reduces your IT maintenance costs by up to 50 percent. It increases the useful life of your IT assets while ensuring smooth hardware performance. RapidCare is simple, affordable, and can be customized to your business needs. It also prevents unnecessary downtime and helps unlock maximum value from your IT assets.

Apart from best-in-class IT maintenance support, we also provide high-quality refurbished hardware. Our pre-owned IT gear helps you reduce IT costs and become more eco-friendly. Our reliable products ensure that your business keeps running 24/7 without any delays. To know more about how our wide range of services can help you reduce your IT costs, contact us today.

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