5 Great Reasons to Buy Refurbished AVAYA Phone Systems

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Jul 4, 2022 2:10:22 AM

We know choosing the right phone system is critical for any business. Your company's efficiency and productivity would suffer...

We know choosing the right phone system is critical for any business. Your company's efficiency and productivity would suffer without effective communication. This is why you should look for one that is dependable and modern such as Avaya voice solutions.

Avaya Phone Systems was created by the technological legend Bell Labs. Avaya is a market leader in business communication solutions. A pioneer in scalable, dependable, and adaptable collaboration tools.

Avaya phones use cutting-edge phone technology for businesses. Many communication service companies offer Avaya phone systems as part of their services. You can deploy top-quality legacy and IP phones and voice solutions with Avaya.


Technological advancements in communications have transformed the business environment. It has shifted from simple phone calls to email, instant messaging, & video conferencing. Whether you opt for legacy phones or modern IP phones, Avaya ensures that your communication tools remain top-notch, enabling your business to be efficient and stay competitive in the evolving digital landscape.

Refurbished Avaya phones systems are a practical and budget-friendly option for businesses who are looking for sustainable solutions and don't want to compromise on quality or performance. One can buy refurbished Avaya phone systems as a cost-effective solution to enhance their communication infrastructure while benefiting from Avaya's renowned reliability and innovation.

Nowadays, businesses are beginning to support green initiatives with their purchases. This is due to escalating environmental concerns. Companies of all sizes are moving to buy refurbished IT hardware. This step helps organizations to assess their existing carbon footprint. This includes refurbished Avaya phone systems and voice solutions.

CXtec is a pioneer vendor that offers refurbished IT hardwares such as Avaya telephone systems and cost-effective unified communications solutions. Refurbished Avaya voice solutions include gateways, cards, components, headsets, and accessories.

Get top quality used avaya IP phones with the support you need

Why Choose Refurbished AVAYA VOICE Solutions?

Refurbished Avaya voice solutions last and continue serving businesses for years.

Our testing and refurbishing process on used Avaya phones is thorough and unique. We changed the housing on the most used Avaya models. We also changed the buttons and designation strips/plastic covers, cleaning the phones.

This ensures that the refurbished Avaya phone systems that you invest on are free from blemishes and look brand new.

We came up with a few compelling reasons to consider buying Avaya refurbished phones:

1. Increase your company's productivity

Do you believe your business is as productive as it should be? A refurbished Avaya phone system would prove to be a dependable solution. A single downtime in your company's network will certainly impact your operations. Your employees will be unable to work if phones, fax machines, and email are not operational. Your customers will find it challenging to communicate with you. This means you will waste money and increase the likelihood of losing customers.

You can avoid such incidents with refurbished Avaya phone systems. Your organization can continually be operating at peak efficiency and productivity. Refurbished Avaya phone systems can come to your rescue.

2. Saves you more money

The reconditioned Avaya voice solutions negate the need for several connections. It employs a digital line to carry data and voice on one line. Traditional phone systems include two lines: one for your phone line and one for a T1 connection. Avaya voice solutions combine these into a single line to form a converged network. This saves you the money you would have spent on two lines. It makes your communications network more accessible and uncomplicated.

3. Enhanced scalability

Technological breakthroughs enable you to scale up your communications system. It happens by expanding your IP network and adding appropriate hardware. Refurbished Avaya voice solutions use a converged network that integrates data and voice.

4. Greener choice

Buying refurbished Avaya phone systems contributes to the reduction of waste. Refurbished IT equipment and assets are less damaging to the environment. It's because they promote a circular economy by reusing existing resources.

Refurbished products cut the need for OEMs to develop new IT equipment. Buying used equipment from a certified reseller also reduces the carbon footprint for a positive environmental impact.

5. Save 40% to 90% off new OEM list prices

equal2new® refurbished Avaya phone systems will save 40% to 90% compared to manufacturer list prices. This frees up more of your IT budget. Our equal2new service offers a lifetime warranty with advanced replacement. The warranty is valid as long as you own the equipment. So you can get the quality and reliability of new phones at a fraction of the cost.

CXtec- One-Stop-Solution for Refurbished AVAYA Voice Solutions

CXtec has distinguished itself as a market leader in the secondary-market network hardware and voice equipment industries. We offer high-quality legacy and IP phones and voice solutions. We can provide reconditioned Avaya phones in bulk and with consistent world-class quality.