Cisco in the News

It’s been a busy month at Cisco filled with exciting new products and growth. Have you been out of the loop? If so, here is a recap at what the tech giant has been up to recently:

Cisco releases nPower

While the world celebrated the release of the new Apple ios 7, Cisco quietly unveiled the processor that will take us all into the next age of the Internet - The Internet of Everything (IoE). The nPower processor, which is slightly larger than a quarter, is now the world’s most programmable and scalable processor. As the first generation of nPower processors, it is also the first that is capable of scaling up to support multi-terrabit capabilities. This will facilitate the trillions of tasks required to handle the immense power of a completely connected world.

This processor, in addition to providing increased network speed, will also enable networkers to program on-the-go for the purposes of simplifying the way networks operate and to keep them running optimally at all times. Additionally, the nPower processer is the first chip to offer 400 Gbps of multi-terrabit capabilities.

Cisco Enhances Safety, Scalability

On September 23, Cisco updated its safety and security portfolio to include enhanced video surveillance capabilities. This update also includes new solutions that will make cameras and devices easier to operate and control during the transition to the Internet of Everything. This update also includes the release of Video Surveillance Manager 7 (VSM7), which will allow for the management of multiple video surveillance solutions.

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