Importance of Quality Switches for your Business

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Nov 29, 2022 10:58:00 PM

Network switches are the backbone of every network. Without a switch, your network would have no way to communicate with one...

Network switches are the backbone of every network. Without a switch, your network would have no way to communicate with one another. In this business world, ensuring the network is functioning effectively and efficiently is imperative. Therefore, refurbished switches are an excellent choice if you want to invest in networking equipment. Perhaps you have heard of them before, but you might need help understanding what they are and how they work. So let's take a look at why refurbished network switches are crucial for every business to improve their networks and make them more secure.

Role of Switches in Improving Your Network

It's a matter of looking at your objectives and circumstances and weighing them against all the benefits refurbished switches offer you. So, what benefits do used network switches provide?

Low Cost:

You can save big by going pre-owned. IT departments are being asked to do more with less, which can significantly help. With up to 90% off list prices, the money you save on refurbished network switches can be applied to other budget areas. With quality hardware ready to serve and more money in the account, it's a win-win.

High Performance:

The performance of good quality pre-owned switches is just like new ones. Once your used CISCO switch gets "burned in," so to speak, it will be a workhorse.

Excellent Warranty:

Big companies like HP, Dell, CISCO, and Juniper providing refurbished network switches are known for their unique warranty program. The good news is that you can get fantastic warranties buying pre-owned, as well (up to a lifetime warranty). Having support when encountering a problem means having greater peace of mind and less downtime.

Get maximum value and lifetime warranty with certified refurbished switches

High Reliability:

This shocks some, but with quality hardware providers, you can get reliability rates for your network switch that match or surpass the manufacturer. Most hardware failures occur at the beginning or end of their life, meaning used network switches are in their prime when they come to you.

Low Risk:

Because of all of the above, refurbished network switches from reputable brands, including refurbished Dell switches, used Juniper switches, refurb CISCO switches, and used HP switches are low-risk investments with a ton of upside.

New or Refurbished Switches: Which One to Use and What's the Difference?

Why do you need a networking switch for your business? The essential function of a switch is to connect two or more pieces of equipment together. The efficiency and functionality of the equipment you connect directly impact how effective your network will be. Not only do switches help you maintain a smooth network and reduce congestion, but they can serve as the basis of your business's network infrastructure.

New or refurbished switches range in price from less than $50 to $2000+. Knowing what each switch is capable of and then choosing one that fits your needs is quintessential. Another area where refurbished network switches might help reduce IT spending is operational expenses. This is possible because network switches allow you to remotely access and monitor your network, eliminating the need to retain workers at remote sites 24/7, primarily to monitor network health.

How CXtec Help you Improve Your Network via Refurbished Switches

We get it. The world of network switches can be complicated, and you will have a hard time comprehending the nitty gritty of every network switch. Now that you have more knowledge under your belt, we hope you can save the day by keeping your data secure and your network running efficiently.

Consider CXtec the Robin to your Batman.

CXtec is the leading global provider of used network equipment. We serve thousands of clients worldwide. Our distinctive equal2new® brand of certified pre-owned equipment offers our clients all of the benefits of purchasing refurbished network switches. Also, the peace of mind that comes with purchasing new. Our refurbished Cisco switches are as dependable as new OEM equipment. We have an eclectic variety of refurbished switches, including used Dell switches, used Juniper switches, refurbed CISCO switches, and used HP switches.

You may call our experts to learn more about different refurbished switches.