5 Good Reasons to Buy Used or Refurbished Dell Servers

There are plenty of things to consider when you are buying your IT equipment for your organization. With the ever-changing business and economic climate, that does not make it any easier. After you read further you will see how using refurbished Dell servers can offer huge benefits. Plus, maybe some myths will be busted along the way.

  • Feb 16, 2021


Dell Poweredge server: R940 , rack serverIt is just a matter of time before you will need to buy your next Dell servers. Some people think it is simple. There is one standard way, right? You use your current Dell servers for a while, the OEM tells you the service levels and end-of-life (EOL) period is approaching, and you start looking at the next new suggested upgrade from the OEM. Well, maybe there is another option to consider. There are some very good reasons to buy used / refurbished Dell servers.

There are plenty of things to consider when you are buying your IT equipment for your organization. With the ever-changing business and economic climate, that does not make it any easier.

It is more important that you get the equipment that is just right for you while looking out for the financial interests of your company. That means getting an optimal solution and the move to more value for less.

After you read further you will see how using refurbished Dell servers can offer huge benefits. Plus, maybe some myths will be busted along the way. Let’s get started.

Here are five reason good reasons you should be buying your Dell servers refurbished.

The Quality of Products

It is important to start with quality. This was listed first for a reason.

There are some who think that you must compromise quality if you opt for refurbished IT equipment, like Dell servers. They feel there is more risk of product failure.

This is simply not true. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that you can find used and refurbished Dell servers with the quality and reliability of new (or better).

First, let’s look at the life cycle of IT hardware. When you take a closer look, you can better understand the common causes of hardware failures and how to use that to your advantage.

IT Hardware Useful Life vs Failure Rates

You’ll notice that during the life cycle of equipment there are two areas when failures occur. One is in the early part of the life cycle and the other is toward the end of the hardware’s useful life.

Seeing failures occur so often in the early part of the product life cycle might surprise some. However, it makes sense.

Most OEMs cannot test every unit on their production lines. Therefore, there will be a certain level of failure for brand new equipment.

However, once the products have been burned in, they tend to run reliably for years on end. Eventually, over the course of years, hardware will start experiencing failures simply due to wear and tear. That means there is a sweet spot for reliable performance and low risk of failure. It just so happens that if you buy quality refurbished Dell servers, you can hit that sweet spot.

Also, there are companies that specialize in providing refurbished IT equipment to their customers. Among these companies, some have been doing this successfully for over forty years.

That means decades of refining quality processes and improving the end product that is delivered. That means getting top quality product from ISO-certified companies. That means fully testing every unit. And sometimes it even means a lifetime warranty. The investment in delivering quality and reliability from the top hardware provider(s) results in equipment that rivals new.


Budget Wise Choice For Dell Servers

budget wise choice - save moneyAn obvious benefit to buying a used or refurbished Dell server is that you will reduce your costs. It is that simple. When you choose quality pre-owned Dell servers, you save a bundle. With information technology being asked to do more for their organization while there may not be a whole lot more budget, getting your IT equipment used or refurbished can serve your needs in a few ways.

  • You save a large amount of money directly at the time of the purchase.
  • The money you save on hardware purchases, like Dell servers, can be applied to important IT projects, such as business-driving initiatives.
  • Using used / refurbished IT hardware from an experienced provider offers you flexibility to extend your product life cycles, therefore avoiding unnecessary upgrade costs.

So, how much can you save on high-quality used and refurbished IT equipment and network hardware? Depending on the equipment, somewhere in the range of 40% to 90% off list prices.

When you combine that with reliability ratings that are equal to new, it is game changer.

Flexibility and Management of the Dell Server Life Cycle

As was touched upon in the previous section, going with refurbished Dell servers and other equipment such as switchers, routers, and even IP phones, can get you a certain level of flexibility from your hardware solutions. You can better manage the life cycle of your hardware because you get technology at your pace, not the pace of the OEM.

A common complaint from IT professionals is the perceived need to upgrade despite the fact that the equipment they already own is doing what it needs to do well. Why upgrade to the latest and greatest if the expanded features aren’t needed? It’s a balancing act that should be managed by your organization’s needs, not an OEM schedule.

Check out the video below to learn more about hardware lifecycle management:


The Ability to Obtain Quality Maintenance and Support for Dell Servers

A concern one might have about getting Dell servers refurbished is support for the product. How will you get the maintenance and support you need for the pre-owned equipment you buy?

There’s good news. The same top-quality providers of pre-owned IT equipment who dedicate themselves to intense quality processes have also dedicated themselves to providing great maintenance and support options.

You can get an optimal maintenance and support solution that suits your specific needs while reducing the costs of your maintenance by as much as 60% when compared with OEM maintenance. Many companies offer a third-party maintenance (TPM) solution that will cover your Dell servers, even if they aren’t the latest generation. That means you can support your aging hardware without worry.

You have the power to build a maintenance and support strategy that combines OEM maintenance where you need latest and greatest hardware and support with pre-owned hardware and third-party maintenance. You can even use refurbished equipment as a sparing strategy to maximize support. That puts you in the driver’s seat.

Learn more about optimizing your maintenance strategy, including support for aging hardware:


Tons of Organizations Are Using Quality Refurbished Hardware

Here’s one last thing to keep in mind. Tons of companies worldwide are buying and using quality refurbished and used IT equipment and network hardware like Dell servers.

It is not just small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB). It’s not just non-profit organizations. Companies from Fortune 500 are taking advantage of the benefits of pre-owned IT equipment. Hospitals, schools, financial institutions, tech companies, and government are all using used and refurbished IT hardware.

Think about it. Hospitals are trusting their vital operations to quality used and refurbished IT hardware with great success. If they can do it, couldn’t you also trust used and refurbished Dell server equipment?


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