How Do You Find a Reliable Refurbished Dell Equipment Supplier?

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Sep 2, 2022 3:24:28 AM

Let's say you're about to make a big network hardware purchase.

Let's say you're about to make a big network hardware purchase.

We all know the drill: research, research, research… and get quotes. Then once you're ready to buy, there are a bunch of factors to consider to make your decision. Price is a big one, of course, and quality is also an important consideration. Sourcing it from reputed brands like Dell is quintessential. New vs refurbished? There your finance and IT team collide. But they find common ground, and that is investing in refurbished equipment.

Refurbished Dell Equipment: Right Tech Investment to Grow Your Company

So you’ve decided that purchasing pre-owned Dell hardware is best for you and your network. That’s great!

It’s definitely a wise decision to employ refurbished Dell equipment anywhere and everywhere it makes sense for you. It’s a great way to save money and a smart way to stretch an already razor thin budget even further.

But now that you’ve made that wise decision, it’s time to make yet another. You have to realize that not all used Dell hardware is created equal. Some of them are high-quality equipment tested, refurbished and certified. Some of them are untested, unreliable and potentially counterfeit.

How can you tell the difference? Look at your vendor. It’s easy for almost anyone to buy used Dell equipment from brokers. Turn around and sell it at a profit to end-users claiming it’s “refurbished.”

An unwavering commitment to quality sets reputable vendors apart. This manifests itself in many ways.

How to Find The Right Partner

No one wants to be one of a number; let's take that as a given. That's important to remember when selecting your refurbished Dell hardware vendor. Why? Because big companies are focused more on moving boxes. You won't get a strong level of personal attention when you need it. And that attention means a great deal.

As you buy network hardware, many considerations come into play. You're building upon a complex infrastructure while keeping everything at peak capacity. Suppose you have a non-existent relationship with your vendor. Several unfavorable scenarios could hamper your ability to do your job most effectively.

Don't look for a vendor — look for a partner.

On the flip side, when you buy refurbished Dell hardware from a nimble company, they act as your partner. You know you get a go-to person for any questions that might arise for you. Having a single point of contact who manages your demands can be a lifesaver.

A person with a high priority level is always preferable. Compared to being a faceless account number at a vast, apathetic company.

Ask These Questions About the Way They Describe Their Dell Hardware Offerings

How can you tell? Ask these questions about the way they describe their refurbished Dell hardware offerings:

1. Do they have thorough testing procedures?

The first step any decent vendor should do is test the hardware they’ve acquired before they sell it to you. There are many levels of testing they could employ, but ideally, you want your vendor to put their product through its paces.

  • How thorough are they?
  • Do they do diagnostic testing?
  • Do they set up a live network environment to re-create actual working conditions?
  • Do they reset configurations?

Essentially, any decent, reputable vendor will spend a bit of time and effort testing the Dell equipment they sell you. Otherwise, how can you be confident that what you get has any chance of actually working?

2. Do they offer a warranty to back their products?

A warranty is a great way to know precisely what a vendor thinks of their product. They won't back it with a decent warranty if they aren't confident they're providing quality used Dell hardware. Get choosy. Look for vendors that offer years' worth of their warranties. Ideally, you can get a genuine lifetime warranty. Then you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vendor stands behind their refurbished Dell equipment. That is not for a couple of years but the product's lifetime.

3. What reliability rating do they attach to their Dell hardware?

If they test their hardware with thorough and stringent measures, they should track their finished product's reliability. Your goal should be to get a product with a reliability rating of over 99%. No refurbished Dell equipment should have a failure rate higher than 0.5%. Suppose your vendor can't stand behind a solid reliability rating. That means they can't give you any guarantee that what they provide you will function.

The CXtec Advantage For Refurbished Dell Hardware

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