Data Testing

Making your equipment work out-of-the-box is not something we take lightly.

Find out just how in-depth our testing processes are.

CXtec performs in-depth testing on all equal2new® equipment

You need the hardware you receive from us to perform flawlessly – your organization depends on it. We understand that, and we’ve got you covered.

The most rigorous testing process in the industry:

  • In perfect working order
  • Ready to handle real-world traffic
  • Rest to factory defaults

Our testing process is crucially important to ensuring the exceptional quality of equal2new® equipment. More than simply plugging it in and powering it up, it is a detailed process that assures the highest level of functionality and operation.

From start to finish, the comprehensive testing we perform is a major factor that differentiates equal2new technology from ordinary used hardware.

With an equal2new solution, you receive equipment that passes its power-on self-test (POST), meets manufacturer DRAM and Flash memory requirements, has working fans, all ports passing traffic, and is cleared and reset to factory defaults.

This is not something you can expect from suppliers who don’t use thorough testing measures. Our unique testing process is just one more step in assuring that you receive equipment in optimum working order right out of the box.

To see all the steps in our process, check out:

Diagnostic Testing – In perfect working order

Our technicians run every device through a series of extensive diagnostic tests. First, we power up the device and check to ensure that all fans in the device are operational. If they’re not, we either replace them or immediately deem the device defective.

We then perform a power-on self-test (POST). This communication session starts automatically on functioning devices. We assure the device powers up correctly, passes POST, and meets manufacturer DRAM and Flash memory requirements. If not, we’ll update them on any hardware we can. Our high standards for equal2new are upheld early and everywhere.

Only hardware that is in perfect working order is moved further through the process.

Live Network Testing – Ready to handle real-world conditions

If diagnostic tests confirm that a product meets the manufacturer’s requirements, our live network testing confirms that a product will meet your requirements. We use an automated software process that allows us to test multiple networking units at the same time, and provide quick, consistent results.

In this step of the process, the product is installed and really put through its paces. We use a fully automated software process to test products at the component level, and our WAN/LAN emulator rigorously simulates production stress and load.

We load test every port by passing traffic over multiple ports and VLANs simultaneously via a proprietary WAN/LAN simulation engine. This process performs traffic generation at the manufacturer-rated speed using trademarked traffic generators.

We load test every port on the device with maximum real-world data traffic to make sure it’s ready for a live environment.

We test all SFP/GBIC ports and all Power over Ethernet ports on every eligible device. Through this we also determine whether the LED lights on the ports are functioning, or whether any failure in the test is due to the port not operating correctly.

Reset Configurations – All proprietary information removed

We reset each device to its factory default mode. This assures that all IP addresses, passwords and proprietary information associated with the device’s previous owner are deleted.

We ensure that the equipment you receive will be clean, set to factory defaults, free from previous configurations, and ready to handle your business traffic.

You can be sure that any equal2new device will be ready to be fully operational immediately upon arrival.