Customize Refurbished Servers for Your Business Needs: A 2024 Guide for Sustainable Growth

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Jan 15, 2024 10:41:14 PM

Last year may have been the warmest year on record with September as the warmest month in 174 years, and data centers alone are...

Last year may have been the warmest year on record with September as the warmest month in 174 years, and data centers alone are responsible for one percent of global energy-related Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Irresponsible electronic waste disposal, management, and adherence to the take-make-dispose cycle or linear economy further exacerbate environmental degradation. Embracing the circular economy, in this context, emerges as a sustainable alternative strategy. It emphasizes the sustainable use of resources, minimizing waste, and increasing the product life cycle via practices, such as recycling, reusing, and refurbishing.

Sustainable IT practices, including adherence to the circular economy and implementation of refurbished architecture, may play a critical role in reducing e-waste, especially with projections foreseeing e-waste reaching 74 million metric tons by the end of 2030.

Refurbished or New Servers: WHY or WHY NOT?

Integrating refurbished servers can steer your business toward environmental stewardship and meet sustainability objectives. This strategic move will unlock numerous advantages, from cost-effectiveness to easy customization capabilities. How could using refurbished servers be the ideal strategy for your business?

Refurbished servers have garnered widespread popularity in recent years. They provide a tremendous return on investment and are an excellent choice for enterprises with tight budgets or test environments. The advantage of customization is what truly sets them apart from brand-new servers in a dynamic and ever-evolving IT landscape.

Leverage Refurbished Server Customization Advantage in 2024

Customizing refurbished servers may catalyze business growth by addressing unique business demands, including:

  • Tailoring Hardware Configuration to Maximize Performance: Businesses have distinct budget and workload management requirements. A server should, for instance, offer ample storage, computing power, and networking resources to ensure smooth management of diverse workloads, operating systems, and critical system applications. Adjustments to processor speed, memory, storage, and connectivity ensure maximized performance and result in increased reliability.
  • Easy Navigation of Dynamic Workloads: Optimizing refurbished servers enables businesses to scale with dynamic workloads. It involves the implementation of techniques, such as server virtualization. Upgrading processors, storage, and other critical hardware components amplify server capabilities. This approach enables businesses to realize top-notch computing capabilities.
  • Robust Security Enhancements to Fortify Against Cyber Threats: Cyber-attacks have become increasingly prevalent in today's evolving technological landscape. Refurbished servers can be customized to meet the security needs of businesses. Implementing firewall software can prevent malicious content from gaining entry. Utilizing encryption protocols, access control mechanisms, and authentication add another layer of defense. Continuous updates, monitoring, and quick security patching all contribute to boosting the overall security status.
  • Excellent Servers Suited for Virtualization: Note that server virtualization is the division of a single server into multiple virtual servers. These virtual servers function independently while running a dedicated operating system. Handling diverse workloads may be challenging, but virtualization has dynamically transformed the process. It consolidates multiple virtual servers onto a single physical server while enabling businesses to optimize resource utilization to alleviate pressure on data center facilities and be cost-effective. Server virtualization also helps companies reduce their carbon footprint.

Choosing the right partner in this journey is critical to releasing the full potential of refurbished servers.

Achieve Optimal Refurbished Server Performance with CXtec

The right partner will help you buy the right refurbished equipment. They will assist you with comprehensive maintenance and customization strategies to meet business demands. Recognized as North America's largest secondary market network hardware supplier, CXtec offers proven expertise in distribution, sourcing, customization, and maintenance services. CXtec promotes green tech through its equal2new®, RapidCare®, and ITAD services. CXtec actively contributes to the circular economy while fostering sustainable IT practices.

Your search for sustainable and affordable refurbished servers starts and ends at CXtec. Explore equal2new by CXtec to find the highest quality used equipment. Choose from a suite of renowned brands in the IT industry, such as Cisco, Dell EMC, and HPE to meet your diverse business needs.

Why equal2new?

  • Each used network device undergoes rigorous testing in our ISO-certified facilities. This process is vital to ensure reliability and eliminate failures in a demanding IT environment.
  • CXtec offers refurbished servers with a 99.51 percent reliability rating to guarantee a performance equivalent to new hardware.
  • Dedicated account managers help you effectively address concerns in a timely manner.
  • Revamp your IT strategy with massive cost savings. Save up to 70 percent and achieve the desired return on investment (ROI).