Buying CISCO Used Equipment: Great Way to Stay Recession-Proof

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Sep 2, 2022 3:24:00 AM

One of our customers' top primary concerns for 2022 is protecting their IT network infrastructure. Customers are constantly...

One of our customers' top primary concerns for 2022 is protecting their IT network infrastructure. Customers are constantly considering ways to secure themselves from rising inflation. Shiny new Cisco equipment is appealing but expensive and may be way over the top. It's a common scenario. You're thinking about introducing Cisco hardware into your infrastructure. You speak with a vendor who pitches you a new, cutting-edge solution.

It's pretty impressive. This advanced IT solution has many bells and whistles (whether your business plan can make clever use of them or not). This has a reasonable, healthy price tag.

So you're left with a difficult question. Should you stretch your already limited resources with a solution that may be an overkill for your requirements? Or do you have other options? The straightforward answer is to invest in buying Cisco Used equipment. Refurbished network equipment has many advantages that you may be overlooking.

Used CISCO Products Save You Cash

It's a no-brainer to forgo the buying of new high-priced IT equipment. Instead, choosing excellent quality Used Cisco hardware is the ideal way to save money. But that's not where the cost savings stop. Most distributors of reconditioned hardware back up their equipment with certification mandates. This proves it's not just reused but refurbished with genuine warranties. This ensures that you're covered in the event something goes wrong.

1. Lessen Your Need for Training

If you are already familiar with using particular Cisco equipment, that’s half the battle. You will not need extra training to navigate a different brand device. Also, the time saved in lost productivity for training on different brands will help keep additional costs down the line. The less money you spend on equipment, the more you can spend on other crucial business areas.

2. Used Cisco Equipment Is as Reliable as New Cisco Products

Cisco has gained its widespread reputation in the IT industry for a good reason. Cisco’s products must pass many quality checks before being ready for mass production. Even if a Cisco router is pre-owned, you can guarantee that it will still be just as effective due to the rigorous assessments it has to undergo. Luckily, at CXtec, we offer a genuine warranty to protect your IT investments. We test each unit rigorously to meet the standard of equal2new®, a program for providing trustworthy and economical used IT hardware worldwide. This continually ensures  optimal quality and performance for our customers.

Get Complete CISCO Lifecycle Management

As a diligent IT specialist, you are constantly wearing multiple hats. It's sometimes a firefighter's helmet, putting out fires across the network. Other times, it's a headset that assists C-level executives in staging company events. Or it could be a doctor's reflection mirror, performing surgery to keep things running smoothly. The thinking cap is a popular choice as you work to build your company's IT infrastructure and strategies in the future.

While you're trying to manage so many moving parts across your organization, it's critical that you have the hardware you can rely on. Choosing the right CISCO equipment can give you more time to focus on your role as a business EMT or envision your network's future.

Cisco has been the most popular choice for network hardware among IT experts for a few years. CXtec will offer you the right-sized maintenance solutions based on your specific objectives and standards.

Allow our CISCO solutions to help you corner the market.

Why Choose Refurbished CISCO Hardware With CXtec?

CXtec is an excellent place to buy refurbished Cisco equipment. CXtec stocks a wide range of high-quality, thoroughly tested, refurbished Cisco products. Used switches, routers, UCS servers, compatible optics, phones, and wireless solutions are all included. All these are included in equal2new. Get access to a large selection of used Cisco equipment with a lifetime warranty and advance replacement.

CXtec provides a quality maintenance and support solution. This keeps your costs low while allowing you to deliver quality with every investment. A third-party maintenance solution (TPM) is a strategic and well-established way to reduce OPEX costs. All this while maintaining the necessary quality coverage.

Since 1978, CXtec has been a pioneer and proven partner for enterprises across various industries as North America's most extensively used network hardware distributor.

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