7 Reasons Why Educational Institutions Should Invest in Refurbished Hardware

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Feb 15, 2023 11:01:46 PM

Technology today has made learning more accessible and interactive for students. The post-pandemic era has equipped educators...

Technology today has made learning more accessible and interactive for students. The post-pandemic era has equipped educators with advanced tools to deliver lessons more dynamically and engagingly, helping them unlock world-class learning capabilities.

Leveraging the right hardware can help schools and universities enhance the learning experience, resolve challenges in real time, and reduce massive costs.

Here are 3 top ways advanced tech can help schools and universities explore newer opportunities for improving the teaching-learning process.

  • Anytime, anywhere access: Students and teachers can easily access learning resources like educational videos, digital textbooks, and online repositories from their devices anytime, anywhere, allowing them to stay connected throughout.
  • Improved collaboration: Teachers and learners can collaborate in real-time, offering direct and instant feedback to one another, thereby strengthening the learning experience.
  • Personalized learning: E-learning tools can track student progress and provide customized learning experiences based on each student's strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This can help engage students, keep them motivated, and ensure that they are learning at a pace that is right for them.

Choosing the right hardware is essential to help your educational institution embrace industry-best learning practices and innovate with purpose.


Why Refurbished Hardware is a Smarter Choice for the Education Industry

Refurbished hardware is an emerging alternative to expensive OEM products, helping educators reduce spending, optimize environmental impact and achieve an extended shelf life. Opting for refurbished hardware opens up many benefits for buyers. Some key differentiators are:

Complete verification and authenticity: Refurbished hardware providers take the time to verify the authenticity of used products and verify and repair these before selling. Such processes take care of any mishaps that may occur due to usage of older IT gear and help polish them as good as new.

  • Rigorous testing and support: Refurbished hardware is tested multiple times to ensure that the product works perfectly. Refurbished hardware providers also have all-round available, experienced personnel to help you navigate any system issues. Support from OEM vendors, on the other hand, is extremely exhaustive and time-consuming.
  • Extended shelf life: The high-quality testing processes adopted by refurbished hardware providers reduce device downtime massively. Certain providers like CXtec offer a 99.51% out-of-box reliability rating, helping you procure the best-refurbished hardware gear.
  • Extended warranties: Most refurbished hardware providers offer lifetime warranties and are available to guide you on your purchasing journey, helping you purchase your IT gear peacefully. This is a crucial differentiator against OEM providers that offer a standard warranty and cannot help you once the validity period expires.

7 Key Benefits of Adopting Refurbished Hardware for Schools & Educational Institutions

  • Reliable performance: Refurbished hardware, after being restored to its original state, outperforms OEM by significant margins. Research finds that even large companies like Google rely on refurbished hardware for their IT maintenance needs.
  • Reduced costs: Refurbished hardware costs much less than OEM equipment and offers about 40%-90% cost savings for buyers. This makes it an ideal choice for educational institutions with a large demand for IT gear for students and facilitators.
  • Offers impressive warranties: Refurbished hardware providers like CXtec provide lifetime warranties on products, allowing you to explore different types of hardware for various technology needs. Such contracts easily override standard OEM warranties that last at most 3-5 years. The 24x7 available support offered makes for an easy transition to refurbished hardware and can help you maximize value for the price paid.
  • Environment-friendly: Refurbished hardware can help reduce e-waste from improper disposal of used IT assets. This move can help you embrace eco-friendly initiatives and boost the useful life of your IT devices.
  • Easy access to technology for students: The all-round connectivity that comes with top-performing IT gear can help offer accessible learning, allowing students to communicate and collaborate in real-time.
  • Flexible contracts: Every organization has unique needs when it comes to hardware procurement. With customizable SLAs suited to your needs, your school/university can adopt a hybrid IT solution, allowing you to use a mix of new and refurbished hardware around evolving requirements.
  • Business discounts for schools: With special business discounts, refurbished hardware packages can help you make the most out of your IT investment and re-imagine your ICT infrastructure to offer an outstanding learning experience.

Maximize the Value of Your IT Infrastructure with equal2new®

Choosing a proven vendor for your refurbished hardware procurement needs is imperative. With over 40 years of experience in the refurbished hardware industry, CXtec is an ideal partner to help unlock instant benefits from your new hardware strategy. equal2new®, our certified pre-owned equipment brand, can help you realize cost-effective, high-performance solutions to speed-track your learning initiatives and build unique, connected touchpoints with your students. As North America's largest secondary market supplier, equal2new is a globally trusted brand offering:

  1. Massive catalog of top brands, including Cisco, Dell EMC, Nortel, and more
  2. Cutting-edge testing and certification process with a 99.51% out-of-box reliability rating
  3. Lifetime warranty with advanced replacement
  4. 40%-90% cost savings on manufacturer list prices
  5. Ready-to-ship hardware globally
  6. Special discounts for schools and universities

Are you ready to unlock world-class learning capabilities with a high-performing ICT infrastructure? Contact us to get started.