5 Ways To Ensure Reliability and Performance of Refurbished Switches

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Feb 14, 2023 7:06:47 AM

Switches are one of the most important components of a network infrastructure. They are not only responsible for directing and...

Switches are one of the most important components of a network infrastructure. They are not only responsible for directing and managing the flow of data between devices on a network but also act as a central hub that connects different devices such as computers, servers, and printers, to the internet and other networks. On the other hand, a non-performing switch can lead to network outages, slowdowns, and data loss, which can have a significant impact on the productivity and profitability of a business.

Due to their critical role, businesses must plan to incorporate switches that are reliable, high-performing, durable and cost-effective. Buying brand-new switches can be a costly affair for small to medium sized businesses. This is where refurbished switches come into the picture. They are a great alternative to buying brand new expensive switches. Refurbished switches are thoroughly-tested, pre-owned switches that have undergone strict quality checks and rigorous repairing to restore them into a ‘‘new-like’’ hardware. While refurbished switches are a more affordable option, it is crucial to evaluate them and ensure that they meet the necessary standards for reliability and performance. Let's look at the top 5 key considerations that can help you make an informed decision when purchasing refurbished switches.

1. Choosing a Reputable Supplier

When purchasing refurbished switches, it is crucial to select a trustworthy third-party vendor. This is a key factor in ensuring the quality and reliability of your equipment. To find the right supplier, look for a third-party vendor that has experience in the refurbishing industry and specifically deals with pre-owned refurbished hardware. Evaluate the vendor's reputation by reviewing customer feedback and verifying any certifications or awards they have received. This information will help you make an informed decision and increase the chances of getting a high-quality product.

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2. Check for Warranty

A warranty is a crucial aspect when it comes to purchasing a refurbished switch. Most IT vendors offer refurbished products with extended or lifetime warranties. Although, warranty may differ from vendor to vendor, you must ensure that the warranties offered are better than the warranties provided by OEMs. The warranties often cover hardware malfunction, damage, defects, cost of repair and replacement. Before making a purchase, you should ask detailed questions about length of the warranty, what’s covered under warranty, and more.

3. Test the Switch

When buying a refurbished switch, businesses need to ensure that the switch has undergone a thorough inspection by the vendor for faults, errors, and damage to guarantee reliable performance. Refurbished switches can be just as effective as new ones only if they have gone through multiple rounds of testing and diagnosis. To get an extended warranty, testing, and repair services, buying switches from a certified vendor is a smart decision.

4. Check for Upgrades

Refurbished switches need to be upgraded regularly to ensure they have the latest software. While purchasing a refurbished switch, you must check for hardware upgrades and the type of upgrades have been made. Upgraded switches are not only reliable but also perform well as compared to the non-upgraded ones.

5. Consider the Age of the Switch

Aging of switches is one of the most important factors that you need to determine to ensure you get a long-lasting switch in a good working condition. As the switches age, they become less reliable, need more maintenance and repairs.

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By choosing a vendor that offers increased reliability, stability, and return on investment, companies can acquire high-performing refurbished switches with exceptional quality. As North America's leading secondary-market hardware provider, CXtec has been a reliable and established partner for businesses across diverse industries. equal2new® by CXtec, offers best-in-class, high-quality, and reliable pre-owned equipment which are cost-efficient and authentic.

Refurbished IT hardware purchased through equal2new provides numerous benefits, including access to a large inventory of top brand products that are readily available for shipment. Companies can save a huge cost compared to the manufacturer's list price, thus optimizing their IT budgets. In addition to cost savings, equal2new also offers a lifetime warranty with advance replacement for prompt issue resolution. The refurbished hardware is highly reliable as it goes through a rigorous testing, reconditioning, and certification process. Each customer is also assigned a dedicated account manager for efficient responses to get quick support in case of any inquiries.

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