5 Reasons to Start Investing in Refurbished Cisco Switches

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Dec 16, 2022 6:40:33 AM

Are you thinking about buying Cisco networking equipment? Don't overspend! Refurbished Cisco switches are just as safe as new,...

Are you thinking about buying Cisco networking equipment? Don't overspend! Refurbished Cisco switches are just as safe as new, but it costs a lot less. When you buy from a renowned seller there's no risk involved, and you get the same security as when you buy new.

Why Should you Choose Refurbished Cisco Switches?

So, if you think you can't afford Cisco but your business would benefit, here are five things that might change your mind about going for that Cisco refresh.

1. Get a better warranty on refurbished Cisco network equipment.

The standard warranty for new Cisco hardware is 90 days. Some products may offer a more extended warranty, but that's the norm. It's not a deal-breaker, but there's nothing special about it. It's not uncommon to find quality vendors who sell used Cisco equipment and offer a much better warranty. You can even find sellers who offer a lifetime warranty. You could get a lifetime warranty on your Cisco hardware and have peace of mind for as long as the product lasts. Now, that's something to think about.

2. Get a higher reliability rating.

Most manufacturers don't always divulge the exact rate at which new products fail. But if you look at companies that sell used Cisco hardware, you'll find that the best quality ones stand by their refurbishing process and reveal how reliable their products are.

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Look for a rating of 99.5 percent or higher for reliability. This means the vendor sells reliable products that have undergone a certified refurbishing process and has tested every piece of the hardware. More prominent manufacturers, like Cisco, only do sporadic spot checks of every 50th or 100th piece of hardware that leaves their factory. Do you think that's reliable?

3. Most hardware failures happen in the first 30 days after a network is put in place

This is a huge fact. Think of a refurbished Cisco switch differently than you would a used car. That comparison doesn't work in this case. Used cars get worn down over time and break down. Used networking equipment is different from that. Once networking hardware is "burned in" and has been working well for a while, it usually stays reliable for the rest of its life. This adds another measure of product reliability.

4. Spares give us peace of mind

Spares are the hottest thing and can't be beaten. Having spares on hand helps you take over if something goes wrong and gives you a sense of security. But here's what's wrong. How do you get replacement parts if you buy that expensive new Cisco hardware? You can't unless your money is limitless in some way.

However, if you choose to use refurbished Cisco equipment because it's cheaper, you could have many more options for hot, swappable spares. And that just makes me happy!

5. SMARTnet is great, but it's costly

It's easy to get influenced by the hype around SMARTnet. It's a pretty good service to offer. But you have to consider whether there's another program that could cost less but still give you the peace of mind you need.

You can find suitable alternative programs that cost as much as 50% less than SMARTnet and get your hardware to you the next business day. It's like getting one of SMARTnet's best features without paying all that money.

In the IT hardware industry, Cisco has seen many ups and downs, but they have managed to maintain their reputation as the best networking equipment thus far. It also looks like they are likely to stay in the running for a long time.

If you switch to used Cisco hardware as soon as possible, you'll have a stable, reliable, and utterly predictable way to upgrade for years to come. Some sellers may even offer leasing plans that let you "trade-in" your gear on a regular basis in exchange for a monthly or yearly service fee.

How You Can Choose the Right Solution with Cisco Network Switches by CXtec

You can find a solution that is the right size for your business and your company's needs, neither too big nor too small. You can decide what your network infrastructure is made of and how much money you can spend on it. And you can put the money you save on network equipment to better use in your business.

CXtec is one of the few partners in North America that sells genuine refurbished Cisco hardware, and we can get it to you immediately. We have a shorter lead time for refurbished equipment because we have a massive Cisco inventory. In urgent cases, we can even have network switches ready to install the day after you call. Why wait if you know Cisco is the way to go? Certified refurbished Cisco has all the benefits of new but at a much lower price tag.

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