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The Global Microchip Shortage: You Still Have Options


Due to the Global Microchip Shortage It Professionals are Finding Themselves Facing Challenges Sourcing It Equipment, Including Various Kinds of Network Hardware, Business Phones (IP Phones), and Other Devices. As the Largest Secondary Market Network Hardware Provider in North America, Cxtec Has the Inventory to Match. Our Equal2new® Brand of Certified Pre-owned It Equipment Delivers the World’s Highest Reliability and Performance – Keeping You Up and Running.

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For customers that have traditionally only bought new equipment, one of the main reasons they do so is because they want to make sure that the equipment they're buying is backed by an OEM warranty. So they're getting a true OEM support contract.


There are alternatives to just to purely new equipment that still check those boxes. And still satisfy support from the OEM, while not being equipment that's been in someone else's environment for three or four years.


And a perfect example of that is we sell Dell factory recertified equipment. This is equipment that is part of a specific partnership we have with Dell where the equipment, worst case scenario, might've been used by someone else for two to three weeks. So this is customer returns, trial units, things like that. And they get recertified by the OEM. And more importantly, they apply that exact same warranty that they will be getting on new. That's equipment that we proactively stock here.

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