Smart Net and Pre-owned Cisco Switches: A Winning Combo

Posted by The Team at CXtec on Dec 1, 2023 9:08:57 AM

In the dynamic world of networking, CXtec stands out as a beacon of innovation. Offering top-of-the-line pre-owned Cisco Catalyst...

In the dynamic world of networking, CXtec stands out as a beacon of innovation. Offering top-of-the-line pre-owned Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches that redefine excellence in the industry. Let’s explore the benefits of choosing a pre-owned switch, with various maintenance options.

  1. Refurbished Excellence:

CXtec delivers excellence in every aspect of our refurbished Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches. Rigorous testing and certification processes ensure that these switches exceed industry standards. Businesses can get cutting-edge technology, all while enjoying significant cost savings. Our hardware offerings boast a 99.51% out of box reliability rating.

  1. Unmatched Performance:

Pre-owned switches from CXtec offer unmatched performance, rivaling that of brand-new counterparts. With a commitment to quality assurance, businesses can confidently invest in these switches. Get the best of the best without compromising on reliability or speed.

  1. Environmentally Conscious Choice:

Beyond cost savings, choosing refurbished hardware is an environmentally conscious decision. Buying a pre-owned Cisco Catalyst 9000 switch, businesses can reduce e-waste. Remanufactured equipment saves up to 98% of CO2 emissions compared to equivalent new products. Helping to align with sustainability goals.

  1. Tailored Maintenance Plans:

CXtec offers world class hardware and support; we understand the importance of tailored solutions. We offer customized aftermarket maintenance plans to our refurbished Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches. This is a comprehensive approach to network maintenance. Flexible choices allow companies to stay within specific IT needs and budget constraints. You can also choose Cisco SMARTnet support. This can be purchased from your trusted Cisco partner.

  1. Seamless Integration, Uninterrupted Operations:

Pre-owned Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches seamlessly integrate into existing network architectures. Ensuring a smooth transition without extensive overhauls. This ensures businesses can use the latest technology without disrupting their current operations.

 Choosing a pre-owned Cisco Catalyst 9000 switch from CXtec with Cisco SMARTnet Support is a strategic move for businesses. Delivering unbeatable cost savings and performance in your network infrastructure. Organizations can be sure they have the utmost quality and support at their disposal.

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