The Cisco 7900 Series

Katie explains the various part numbers in the Cisco 7900 Series.

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Hi. I'm Katie, the CXtec Cisco Voice product manager. I want to spend a couple of seconds explaining to you the various part numbers in the 7900 Series Cisco line. Let's tart with the beginning. The first phone that Cisco recommended were the 7940s and 7960s. It seems pretty straightforward. They're our 2-line and 4-line phones with the pretty cool, big display on the phone.

Shortly after that, Cisco released the 7940Gs and 7960Gs. Like most people, you probably think that that "G" stands for gig, just like it does on their Cisco switch line. Unfortunately, "G" has nothing to do with gig when it comes to telephones. It actually represents "G" for global icon, meaning, that the buttons on the phone, they don't actually have words. Instead of saying the word messages, it actually has a picture of an envelop instead.

After that, Cisco came out with the 7941G-GE and the 7961G-GE. This is where the "GE" actually represents gig Ethernet, meaning, that the phones do have a gig port on the back.

Now, we've brought up gig, we've brought up Gs, how about a caller phone that has a gig port on the back? This is actually where Cisco gets a little squarely and the caller phones, the 7945G and 7965G, really do have a gig port even though they dropped the "GE" from the end of the part number.

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