ShoreTel IP Phones Testing

Shawna demonstrates CXtec's in-depth testing procedures on ShoreTel IP phones.


Hi, everyone my name is Shawna. I'm the product engineer at CXtec. Today I'm excited to show you our testing procedure on our new equal2new ShoreTel phones. As you can see, we have two ShoreTel 230s. The silver one being our test phone that will stay on the desk, and the black being the phone that we're testing for stock.

The first thing that we do is we want to make sure that the phone will call out. We'll dial extension 116, we'll make sure that we can make a call, we'll go ahead and check the mic, check the speakers, and then we'll go ahead and call the phone back. Just to make sure that it accepts incoming calls.

What we want to do there, is make sure that the handset cord is good too, when the hookswitch picks up. The second step of our test procedure is to put the phone into test mode. This is done by hitting the mute key, R-R which is 77, A which is 2, M which is 6, O and then S, 7 again and then the pound key.

It's going to ask for the password which is 1, 2, 3, 4. Hit pound for okay. Now we have the phone in test mode, we're going to go ahead and test, first we're going to test the LEDs. Everything simply just by spelling it out, LED and hitting the pound key. As you can see all the lights work on this phone. We're going to go ahead and get out of that mode, and we're going to go and check the keys, and just we're going to simply spell out, K-E-Y.

Hit the pound, and we're going to go ahead and check that all keys are functioning, that they all received a tone back. Then we're simply going to hit the pound twice and we're going to get out of that mode. Next we're going to check the LCD, we're going to spell L-C-D, hit the pound key, and this is going to go through different diagnose, make sure that there's no broken lines in the display.

Our last step will be clearing the phone. We'll simply hit C-L-E-A-R pound, and it's clearing phone data. Thanks for joining us, I hope you learned something, and I'll talk to you again soon.