How to Factory Reset an Avaya 9608 IP Phone

Shawna shows you step-by-step how to factory reset an Avaya 9608 IP phone.

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Hi. My name is Shawna. Today we're going to learn how to factory reset a 9608. Some of you might already know how and some of you might forget, like I tend to. Let's go through the process.

As you see, I already have the phone set up with extension 6125. What we're going to do is, we're going to hit the mute button, which puts the phone into program mode. Then we're going to type in craft. C-R-A-F-T. Then hit the pound key.

Now, this is going to bring us into the menu. As you can see, there's a lot of different options you can do and view from this menu. You can do a VPN. You can actually view your phone model, your application file. This is really helpful to find out your Mac address and serial number.

Today we're going to focus on the clear. A lot of people get confused and they use the reset instead of the clear and think that they're going to clear all the configurations out of the phone. That actually doesn't clear all the configurations. in the restart phone will basically restart your phone for you.

If you're really looking for a good hard clear, use the clear button. Usually the phone will say, "Do you want to clear?" Say, "Yes." At this point, the phone will reboot and go through the normal process. This will take a minute.

Now, we're going to start from the beginning. You see the start a program. We're going to hit the start key. Once again, it's going to ask us to enter the code, which is that craft. C-R-A-F-T. Then pound to enter.

Once again, it brings you into the menu. This is good to do, in case there's old addresses or something stuck in the phone books to discovery. It typically means that it has a wrong IP address. You're going to want to get back into your menu and go ahead and clear that out. Once again, you're going to see the phone restart. This is how to factory reset a 9608. Thanks.