Evolution of Cisco Wireless IP Phones

Katie explains the evolution of Cisco wireless IP phone models, including radio protocols, display colors, battery life, end-of-life dates, Bluetooth compatibility and more.

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Hi, I'm Katie, CXtec Product Manager. Today, I'm going to talk to you about the evolution of Cisco Wireless IP phones.

I'm going to start with the 7920. It was the first wireless phone that came out from Cisco. The radio on the phone was in 802.11b-only radio. It was a wireless phone that had a black & white or monochrome display only. It did have the standard length from a battery perspective from Cisco. This phone was end-of-lifed in 2007.

The second wireless model that Cisco introduced was the 7921. They upgraded the radio on this model. This radio actually supports 802.11abg. This also has a color display on the handset. The battery has an upgrade at this point also. It now has 100 hours of standby life and 12 hours of talk time. This model was end-of-lifed by Cisco in 2011.

After Cisco end-of-lifed the 7921, they came out with its replacement. It was the 7925. This model kept the same support for the radio. It is 802.11abg. This still has a color display. But, again, the battery life increased on this model. It went to 240 hours of standby and 13 hours of actual talk time. This model is still current. One other feature that they released on this model is the support for Bluetooth. This does support Bluetooth. In addition to Bluetooth, the 7925 comes in an EX version. The EX version of this handset is yellow in color. It is certified for use in explosive environments. This phone will not emit a spark.

The most current model out from Cisco for wireless phones is the 7926. Most of the features say exactly the same, from the 25 and the 26. The radio support stays the same. The display is actually the same. The battery life stays the same. It is still a current model so it's not end-of-lifed. It does have support for Bluetooth. In addition to Bluetooth, the 7926 includes a bar code scanner. A 2D bar code scanner is included. One of the really cool features about the 26 and the 25 is all the batteries and all the charger are actually interchangeable between those models as well.

I hope you learned something about the evolution of Cisco Wireless IP phones. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.