Why Do You Still Have That Surplus Network Hardware?

It’s time to clean house and get money for your surplus network hardware.

If your IT department is like many other IT departments, you have some surplus network hardware.  Maybe you have some hardware that isn’t installed in the network any longer.  That could mean routers, switches, phones, access points, or security appliance.  

Here’s a question. 

Why are you hanging on to that used network hardware? 

You should get in touch with us and tell what you surplus network you have.  We will go over your list and you might get money for your hardware.  Here’s the kind of network hardware we buy.

Some IT departments have hardware that is used as spares. When done properly that is a wise thing.    But if you have surplus network hardware that is just sitting around, taking up space, and adding to clutter you are missing out.

You can turn surplus network hardware into money.   That’s money that you can help supplement you IT budget and help you get more done effectively.

But my network hardware is too old!

Is it?

Some people have some legacy network hardware and are not sure what they can do with it.  So, it starts stacking up.  They are convinced there is no value in their hardware.  Don’t make that assumption. You might be surprised.  You might find that there are people in the market who will pay you for the network hardware you though had no worth at all.

Every business is different. Every business has different IT and network needs.  This is one way we have helped so many of our clients.  We allow them to have technology at their own pace.

That means there is a really good chance that you can get money for your surplus network hardware.

So, don’t make the mistake of assuming.  Contact us and see if you can get money for your switches, routers, phones, and other hardware.


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