Who Guards Your Data Center?

The recent unveiling of Google’s $600 million data center in North Carolina has many tech-lovers buzzing. The sheer number of servers in the data center is astounding; however, perhaps the most notable feature is the life-size stormtrooper and the mini R2-D2 keeping close watch of this data empire.

[caption id="attachment_3032" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Photo from wired.com[/caption]

An article from Wired uncovers inside details of the data center and the process Google uses in designing these mega-centers, including how it has achieved a PUE (power usage effectiveness) measurement of 1.2. While I’m sure many of us do not maintain data centers as large as Google’s, there are key things that we can all learn about making any data center successful, including efficiency, speed, space-saving organization - and stormtroopers.

Here at CXtec, we keep our data centers protected by our trusted dinosaur, Junkasaurus Rex.

So, the question remains, who guards your data center?